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Dwarves & D.Sci: Data Fortress Evaluation & Ruleset

Just a quick comment of encouragement. I haven't played and might not play them live or comment, but I still find these scenarios really cool and enjoy reading both the write-ups and how close the players come! It's also great that you're building the backlog because it gives great opportunity to try the older puzzles at my own pace. Great work! Keep it up, you and everyone playing :D 

Appreciated, thank you!
Culture wars in riddle format

The most direct modelisation of the problem does lead to that result without any trickery, that seems like a concrete reason and one you can calculate before looking at the real world. 

Suppose each interview leads to a Measured Competence Score PCS, which is Competence Score * random var pulled from a normal distribution. We suppose men and women have the same Competence Score from the assumptions that they do the same work, but suppose men are going to twice as many interviews as women because have more accepting criteria on where to work. Finally su... (read more)

Being a donor for Fecal Microbiota Transplants (FMT): Do good & earn easy money (up to 180k/y)

Right, we probably largely agree with each other. I don't dispute looking for super donors amongst top athletes, as that way you can do a unilateral search (ie. you find a list of top athletes and start asking). In the context of directly asking for recommendations, you gain the possibility of listing any criteria, that can be far more personal and less searchable, and you'll gain access to populations you can't through search. For example, if the criteria is "seems to never fall ill, recovers extremely quickly from illness or injury, highly active and mot... (read more)

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Wow, that would be fantastic if you forwarded this article to those folks! Thank you :)
Being a donor for Fecal Microbiota Transplants (FMT): Do good & earn easy money (up to 180k/y)

I was also surprised on the large emphasis on top athlete, as opposed to simply athletes, and as opposed to generally very healthy people. My main opposition to looking at high athletes only is that I say many high performing people would waste their potential by becoming athletes, and that looking for athletes filters away many very healthy very high performing people. 

For example I know someone who's been high performing all his life, in kinda all domains (sports, socialising, technical skills, computer games...). He'd be top of class, also had stro... (read more)

2Anton Rodenhauser1mo
Nobody is saying that only athletes are super donors. They are not. But beign a top athlete is a good proxy for being "exceptionally healthy", and there are some studies supporting the claim that athletes are good donors. That person you are describing sounds like a potential super donor! Can I get in touch with him? Can he reach out to Human Microbes?
LessWrong Has Agree/Disagree Voting On All New Comment Threads

Partially agreed for replacing 'have to be thinking about' by 'consider', ie : 
If you're really into manipulating public opinion, you should also consider strong upvoting [...]

Disagreed on replacing the "should also" part because it reminds you this is only hypothetical and not actually good behaviour. 

LessWrong Has Agree/Disagree Voting On All New Comment Threads

Giving a post's creator the option to enable/disable this secondary axis voting seems valuable. A post creator will probably know when his post will generally need nuanced comments with differing opinions, or is more lightweight (ie. what's your favourite icecream) and would appreciate the lighter UI. 

LessWrong Has Agree/Disagree Voting On All New Comment Threads

If you're really into manipulating public opinion, you should also consider strong upvoting posts you disagree with but that are weakly written, so as to present an easily defeated strawman. 

I'd say you're correct this new addition does not change much to the previous incentives that exist in manipulating comment visibility, but that's not the point of this new addition, so not a negative of this update. 

[Edited for clarity thanks to Pattern's comment]

Consider replacing this long phrase (above) with 'consider'.
Relationship Advice Repository

Though I expected it to be a joke, I'm still happy that the first comment on this (good btw) post is a call out on the astrology section. I did not bother to click the link because I did not imagine I could find anything of value behind it so I don't get the occasion to confirm it was a joke until arriving to this comment. 

I regrettably removed the Zodiac section since someone pointed out that since the post is publicly editable, their first thought is that it was vandalism.
MIRI announces new "Death With Dignity" strategy

I at first also downvoted because your first argument looks incredibly weak (this post has little relation to arguing for/against the difficulty of the alignment problem, what update are you getting on that from here?), as did the followup 'all we need is...' which is formulation which hides problems instead of solving them.  
Yet, your last point does have import and that you explicitly stated that is useful in allowing everyone to address it, so I reverted to an upvote for honesty, though strong disagree. 

To the point, I also want to avoid being... (read more)

A fate worse than death?

This sounds like dogma specific to the culture you're currently in, not some kind of universal rule. Throughout history many humans lived in slavery (think Rome), and a non zero percentage greatly enjoyed their lives, and would definitely prefer their lives than being dead. It is still an open question as to what causes positive or negative valence, but submission is probably not a fundamental part of it. 

A fate worse than death?

I appreciate that you went through the effort of sharing your thoughts, and as some commenters have noted, I also find the topic interesting. Still, you do not seem to have laid bare your assumptions that guide your models, and when examined it seems most of your musings seem to miss essential aspects of valence as experienced in our universe. I will be examining this question through the lens of total utilitarian consequentialism, where you sum the integral of valences of all lives over the lifespan of the universe. Do specify if you were using another fr... (read more)

Cryonics signup guide #1: Overview

Hi. I'm seeing this post because it's curated and assume this will be the case of quite a few other people who'll read this article soon. Before rushing to sign up on cryonics, I'd be interested in discussion on the grievances brought up against Alcor here by Michael-G-Darwin . For reference Michael G Darwin ( worked at Alcor a long while. 

In the post I've linked he quite extensively explains faults he finds in how Alcor has hand... (read more)

Just in case anyone cares: There are ways you can increase your own chances of a good preservation, notably by moving near Alcor.

A relevant data point is that, as of a few years ago, I believe Mike Darwin wrote that he was still signed up with Alcor. As he pointed out, despite the problems with existing organizations, cryonics is the only game in town for avoiding death. 

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The reddit post is about a year old, but pretty upsetting. It alleges a lot of incompetence around the transportation of patients who have recently died. Poking around the r/cryonics for a few minutes I wasn't able to find any follow up. I'm eagerly following the issue.