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Instrumental Rationality 4.1: Modeling Habits

References seem to be missing? It's too bad the new site doesn't have a good way to do footnotes.

This is really great stuff, thanks for posting - I've only had time to skim, but I plan to start at the beginning and give some more detailed feedback. This is all right in line with what I've increasingly felt is missing from my (unfortunately) casual study of rationality: putting concepts to practice.

2lifelonglearner4yThanks for the comment! References will be in part 3. That was one of the things that got a little messed up when I broke it into 3 sections, alas.

I saw this explained well in a book called The Phoenix Project. The book talks about what software development can learn from decades of manufacturing process improvements.

This blog post shows the graph presented by the book, which makes a similar but more general point to yours and further formalizes the Slack concept.

Seems it's hard to pin down the source of this concept, but it apparently follows from Little's Law.

SotW: Check Consequentialism

Split the class into groups and get each group working on something they all will easily become invested in. I'm thinking have them spend 10 minutes creating/building something as a group, and make it a competition (bragging-rights only) to solidify the investment.

Before anyone has enough time to finish, offer $100 to the first person to destroy their group's creation. (Obviously, it would be best if doing so could be done in a quick motion: like if they were building a large tower with jenga blocks or something.)

After 5 seconds, pause and have each person... (read more)

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3handoflixue9y"Doing this would be rude and harm my social standing" is a perfectly reasonable criteria. Consequentialism should point out that if they offer to split the $100 evenly, and everyone else in the group is somewhat rational, then they've avoided that consequence (and, as a bonus, prevented some jerk from knocking it over and keeping the $100) Does remind me of an example from my childhood, though: []
Less Wrong Book Club and Study Group

I'm wondering if this site might be of use for this:

0Morendil11yLooks like it might provide a good alternate venue if it ever becomes cumbersome to have our discussions on LW.
Attention Lurkers: Please say hi

Hi. The Harry Potter fanfic hooked me. Excited to see where this takes me.

6Mass_Driver11yCareful, Clippy is lying. By convention, we here at Less Wrong play along with Clippy's claim to be a moderately intelligent, moderately strange Artificial Intelligence whose utility function is entirely based on how many paper clips [] exist in the Universe. He might be your friend, but he has been around since well before the Harry Potter fanfic came out. Welcome to Less Wrong!
6Clippy11yReally? Wow! I came here because of the Harry Potter fanfic too! Let's be friends!