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Social behavior curves, equilibria, and radicalism

Interesing! I have something to say about the questions at the beginning of the text. I tried very very hard to answer them, but I found out I just can’t do it without lying to myself! I litterally can’t imagine the situation in order to feel it and make a decision. It’s imposible to imagine myself deciding, rationally, when I do something when someone else does it, or what is the % needed (like in the mask question) in order for me to change my behaviour. But, like everybody else, i change my behavior based on what others do.

> So, my question is, do yo... (read more)

Maybe try: * Thinking about different combinations of co-workers * Try the extremes: 100%, 0%. And: you walk in wearing a mask, do you take it off? You walk in with a mask in your pocket do you put it on?