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Meetup : Brussels meetup with Cat

Damn, I missed it assuming all Meetups would be on Saturday ...

Meetup : Brussels meetup

Would be nice to know if participants plan to attempt A Beginner's Guide to Irrational Behavior or Know Thyself

Meetup : Brussels meetup

To clarify on Google Car says that Sebastian Thrun was leading Stanford lab for the DARPA challenges few years ago. So yes Google does have a driverless car but as far as I can most if not all of the work regarding the actual driving was done before it was related to Google. Now regarding Google Maps and Street View it is probably mostly internal research but I don't think it can be considered related to driving. It is mostly indexing and searching (which is Google core business).

Regarding war and my doubt... (read more)

Meetup : Brussels meetup

Some resources mentioned during the meetup

... (read more)
1Utopiah9ySome resources mentioned during the meetup * Thinking, Fast and Slow (1h video) [] * Toward Replacement Parts for the Brain, MIT Press 2005 [] * A Brain Implant that Thinks, MIT Tech Review 2012 [] * Impact of caloric restriction on health and survival in rhesus monkeys from the NIA study, Nature 2012 [] * Activation of adult-born neurons facilitates learning and memory, Nature Neuroscience 2012 [] * Norbert Wiener [] (related to the bus stop)
Meetup : Brussels meetup

Seems that the conclusion of were that it's not that useful at the individual scale...

Meetup : Paris Meetup

Didn't know there was a Paris Meetup, great. I won't be able to participate but I shared it on

AGI-12 conference in Oxford in December

AFAIK once the registration is open (15th of August) anybody can purchase a ticket.

2Laoch9yCool, looking forward to being there.
Meetup : Brussels meetup

I would like to discuss the bayesian framework and AGI in relation to acturial "science" . The idea came from browsing Yudkowsky's with its "Fun fact" on finding priors. Actuaries overall rather than random folks on Kazaa seem to be some of the most interested (and probably well funded group) working on human behavior. Yes regarding physics, chemistry, etc it is not relevant yet, do we, as human beings in their daily life outside the research lab, have mu... (read more)

0Utopiah9ySeems that the conclusion of [] were that it's not that useful at the individual scale...
A Beginner's Guide to Irrational Behavior - free Coursera class

I agree and to be sincere when I posted it I wondered if the format was appropriate but I concluded that the content was and that is what matter.

PS: thanks, I just discovered btw :)

A Beginner's Guide to Irrational Behavior - free Coursera class

the content is the link itself and because AFAIK they

  • are related to rationality
  • are different classes so if participants want to discuss they have their own topic
  • have never been posted here
1ewang9yThis isn't Reddit; posts generally should be more than just a link and a quote.
Meetup : Brussels meetup

also we could discuss

  • patriotism since it's Bastille Day in France

  • the complexity of thought, if complexity theory or economics can be used for cognition

0Utopiah9yalso we could discuss * patriotism since it's Bastille Day in France * the complexity of thought, if complexity theory or economics can be used for cognition
Meetup : Brussels meetup

Could also be interesting to present your data (and mine too eventually) regarding daily self reporting happiness, consequences, limits.

0Utopiah9yAlso since you like brain teasers consider []
Logical fallacies poster, a LessWrong adaptation.

I was thinking about the first option "a poster of general fallacies that conform to LW standards" but I suppose the second could be useful too. Limited and probably more technical yet surely more useful here.

Logical fallacy poster

To all those who complained about the sarcastic illustration, the lack of references, the weird categorization that should rather fit a bayseian framework, the simplific or even wrong definitions, this poster has ONE key difference with the ideal poster, it exists.

If it sparks criticisms that lead to a new, LessWrong compatible poster, then it is well worth the critics.

Anybody with proposals for a structure e.g. a hierarchy of fallacies and a design theme?

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Meetup : Brussels meetup

well defining priorities is in itself a good exercise on rationality ;)

Meetup : Brussels meetup

A word of warning regarding werewolves as a potential tool to better grap group dynamics, social cues, etc... : I played it once before and the recommended minimum number of players was quite high (i.e. 8+) so it would properly be safe to have a backup plan just in case we are less than last time.

1Axel9yThere are 9 people who have attended so far and each meetup has had new members, if this pastern continues we should have enough players. Still, a backup plan is a good idea so I'll bring Zendo as well, just to be safe.
1Axel9yThanks, I created an account as well so I can help keep it up to date.
Weekly LW Meetups: Brussels, Chicago, Dorset, Fort Lauderdale, London, Melbourne, Pittsburgh, Shanghai, Sydney, Twin Cities

So far the Brussels meetup takes place on a monthly basis, not weekly. Next one will be held the 19th of April.

How was your meetup?

Brussels meetup, my second LW meetup so far.

We were 9 (3 women) in their mid-twenties, mostly europeeans. We discussed about many topics including sociability, choosing or creating a country and doubts on the education system. The weather was also nice here so we enjoyed an extended session in the nearby park and even took some pictures which should be available soon.

I'll surely go to the next one the 19th of May.

Meetup : Brussels meetup

Was great!

Next meetup the 19th of May same place (Museum of Natural Sciences Rue Vautier 29 B-1000 Brussels) and time (12:00).

Maybe the mandatory reading list this time could include ;)

Meetup : Brussels meetup

Yes unfortunately my web server keeps on weirdly and the logs do not help. I restarted it hopefully it will keep on working for a while, I replaced it by a static version for now, apologies :/

0Axel9yOn Sunday it worked fine again, still no idea what caused it.
Meetup : Brussels meetup

Last time it was in English. For the parking I have no idea, calling the museum could help.

Meetup : Brussels meetup

My main goals will be to

  1. make a presentation on social rules, origins and efficiency
  2. update of my beliefs page.
  3. get my list of heuristics challenged (either logic or references) or confirmed (references).

It could also be interesting to explore :

... (read more)
0Iabalka9ythe link in point 3. doesn't work
0[anonymous]9yOne of my goals will also be to get my list of heuristics [] challenged (either logic or references) or confirmed (references)
Meetup : Brussels meetup

I'll be there, my main objective will be to try to put my set of beliefs expressed in straight and eventually to discuss computer security and the popular decisions against it (w/ potential implication for mind uploading or whole brain emulation).