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So human brains are themselves models of reality.

Do you have a deterministic view of the world, i.e. believe reality is there, independently of our existence or of our interactions with it?

Have you ever wondered what is information, at the physical level.. what is it that our brains are actually modelling?

Hiroshima Day

EY: "I am amazed at how many commenters entirely ignore this issue, which was explicitly the whole focus of my original post."

It's very difficult really to answer this issue. I think that yes, if we hand't come to use nuclear wheapons, if we were living in a nuclear-free world, it would certainly be safer.

However, don't forget.. it's not the wheapons that kill people, but the people who use them. This war is a clear demonstration that people are unable to resolve issues rationally and in a civilized manner all of the time.

So I think your questio... (read more)

Hiroshima Day

Actually what is striking is that when confronted with this issue, most people feel superior enough to it to bluntly state what is the right thing to do and the wrong thing to do in this situation, forgetting that wrong and right are actually only relative to the people in question, and there are millions people in question.

That's sort of like setting a standard, and expecting people to fit in this standard, and neglecting those that don't. Who knows that the Hiroshima bomb didn't actually kill the next ten scientists and Nobel Prize winners who would have... (read more)

Humans in Funny Suits

Huhm, thanks Eliezer, now I start seeing your point. It's amazing that you can imagine a mind that doens't run on emotional architectures like our own. I honestly can't. No matter how hard I try I keep being biased by my own humanity. And yet I've lived in very different cultures and in various extremes of human nature.

Doug S.: I don't agree, I found some autistic people to be far more 'human' (or should I say humane) than the average person. If you look for an example of a non-human human, how about Hitler? Serial killers? Rapitsts? They obviously lack some basic human(e) emotions.

0CynicalOptimist6yI agree with AlexanderRM. You stated that some of the autistic people you know are significantly different from most humans. That's in line with the original content, not a counter-argument to it. And with that said, I'm not sure I'm happy being in a conversation about how "different" a group of people is from normal people. It's hard to know how that will be taken by the people involved, and it may not be a nice feeling to read it.
2AlexanderRM7yBeing human and being humane aren't really in any way connected. Murdering people because they belong to a different group is a perfectly human thing to do.