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COVID/Delta advice I'm currently giving to friends

Hold on. That seems to be very wrong. The world became permanently more dangerous when smallpox, cholera, typhoid, measles, mumps, and the flu jumped to humans. That only stopped being true when vaccines were developed. I think it bodes pretty well for the outlook of COVID, if we keep vaccinating. But so far as I know, it's definitely not the case that smallpox ever became less deadly on its own. 

The Death of Behavioral Economics

I'm not sure it's any more dead than other fields of social science. Which, maybe they're all actually zombies, but that sounds excessively strong. For example, take the effect sizes of nudges. I believe that the effect of "opt out" policies for organ donation have absolutely massive effects (see ). So is the problem that the field is dead, or that it's just sick with the same diseases as psychology and better work needs to be done to separate wheat from chaff? Forgetting hypothe... (read more)

MIRI location optimization (and related topics) discussion

I've spent a lot of time in the outdoors and I'm surprised that "ticks" occupied such a large chunk of effort/relevance. Wear long pants/shirts with long sleeves when in the woods, check yourself after you get back, and put bug spray (there are certain brands that work) on your body and clothes. 

I'm curious what counts as "very high elevation" and why it's an issue. The highest cities of any size are Santa Fe, Denver and the Front Range (including Cheyenne), and SLC. You can get some very high elevations right outside Denver, but there are no towns ab... (read more)