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Well done, however it's one of the more convoluted correct answers that I've seen.

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I guess it works with the riddle as formulated, but the true solution has to use the actual switch function.

If the dating partner solves it, then for extra credit, have them give a solution taking time proportional to the length of the loop.

You are on a circular train, with carriages connecting so that they form a closed loop. There is a lightbulb in each carriage which is randomly set either on or off. You can find a switch to each lightbulb in the same carriage. You can only interact with switches and nothing else. You have infinite time, the train is not infinite but arbitrarily long. How do you determine, with 100% certainty, how many carriages are there in a loop?

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Break a switch and go counting the carriages until you see it again?

Since you've mentioned you're also interested in non-romantic relationships, I (late 20s M) have been casual dating on Tinder for four years. I tend to select my matches based on how attractive they look to me. Most of my dates are students in humanities or arts, service workers, or working professionals in non-STEM fields such as hospitality or translation. Programmers, models and blue collar workers are rarer.

On the first date I typically start with FORD smalltalk topics (family, occupation, recreation, dreams). I discovered that this approach doesn't al... (read more)

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what was the riddle?

As a photographer, I got excited at first by the inclusion of the word "visible", but I guess today is not my day. Is there any chance for me to participate in training ML models by collecting a dataset of photos? I'm in the process of relocating to Singapore, but getting a work visa takes a while so I have a lot of free time now.

"Everybody" is a very strong claim, since there needs to only be one person who didn't find it disappointing for the claim to be false. I am that person. I started off barely getting any matches, but after putting in effort in my photography, style, conversation and flirting I now have a happy casual dating lifestyle. I recommend other people to do the same.

Well, it is not the "every element of the set" everybody.  Thank you for your feedback. I agree that dating is a skill that improves with practice either way. That sounds like it is more a lifestyle than a way to find a partner once, like a mutually shared understanding that dating is a domain like the job or vacation where one behaves differently.  

Great post! A few months ago I realized that when playing League of Legends, I have a problem losing the sight of my character in chaotic 5v5 teamfights. At the same time, I never had this problem in a casual ARAM mode. It took me some time to realize that in ARAM my camera was fixed on the character, while the regular mode had it floating free. Nowadays when the teamfight is coming, I lock my camera on my character so I can play the game like it's Hades.