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Thank you! Surprised to see front squats and RDL given your comments about avoiding powerlifts, are these variations less injury-prone vs their more standard options?

much lower weight

You talk about it in snippets here and there, but I'd love for you to share your full up-to-date strength training program recommendation! 

it's mostly the same it's just exercise selection that has changed slightly upper body push: dumbbell standing press, incline press, pushups, push press upper body pull: dumbbell row, chinups lower body push: step ups (full rom), front squat lower body pull: RDL, hyperextensions, one legged bridges accessory: hip abductor with band, face pull, body saws I do one or two from each depending on mood. Usually 3x8-12.

Also curious how this changes people's outlooks on putting money into 401k/IRA's/etc

I'm maxing those out. There are a few ways to withdraw from them early, for example, you can pay a 10% penalty to do so. This is probably worth it to avoid taxes on growth in the meantime, assuming it grows enough.
2Jonas Vollmer2mo
I think having some personal retirement savings is still useful in a broad range of possible AGI outcome scenarios, so I personally still do some retirement saving. Regarding 401k/IRA, anything that preserves your ability to make speculative investments based on an information advantage (as outlined in this post) seems especially good; anything that limits you to a narrow selection of index funds seems potentially suboptimal to me.

Any good candidates for "AI index fund" people know of?

Disclaimer: I'm not your investment advisor. But hypothetically: * SOXL maybe? It's 3x leveraged exposure to semiconductor manufacturers. * FNGU is another 3x leveraged one to consider, tracking the FANG+ index, which includes META, TSLA, NVDA, AMD, NFLX, AAPL, AMZN, SNOW, MSFT, and GOOGL. The intrinsic daily compounding of 3x ETFs will drag on gains in a sideways market (which is why leveraged funds are often discouraged for long-term investment) but will actually accelerate returns in a bull market. And (of course) leverage is double edged and will hurt more in a bear market. OTM put options can protect against the left tail without dragging on gains too much, but they're not for free. (FNGU currently has no options, but FNGS, which tracks the same index without the leverage, does.) If rates go up too much it could do weird things to leveraged funds.
6Jonas Vollmer2mo
You mean an AI ETF? My answer is no; I think making your own portfolio (based on advice in this post and elsewhere) will be a lot better.

Would love for the spreadsheet to include tags to further simplify filtering.

That's fair. I believe kiwi is a fork of chrome that is kept up to date with a set of patches applied on top fwiw.

How up to date? Chrome security patches are very often followed by reverse engineering and exploitation, so you need to be very prompt. (Yes, this means I don't trust any browsers except Chrome, Firefox, Safari)
When you use a browser you're putting an enormous amount of trust in it's manufacturer to get security right, and I don't have that level of trust for most vendors.

Uh nvm, that doesn't work reliably bc of the comment lazy loading 🤔

Oh, that actually suggests a slightly better version, that won't reload the page. Updated the post!

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Uh nvm, that doesn't work reliably bc of the comment lazy loading 🤔

Curious if people found good alternative videos/intro materials for this that worked well?

I really enjoy Moroccan food and surprised to see it rated so poorly (I've mostly encountered it while living in France though and it seems that French do actually like it, so maybe there is something special about how its presented there vs elsewhere 🤔)

Hey there! I was curious if you've found any good sources around this since?

Unfortunately, not really.

Visiting from the US around that time, hope to be able to make it!

Matches by Guante

that was really good thanks for mentioning it!

One thing that I found really valuable is using browser extension. It allows you to quickly check people’s best content when you’re exploring their account and also provides a bunch of other helpful search UX improvements

Nice, curious to try this!

Another program I remember doing screenshotting in a style described: (may be macOS only)

Windows: this should probably run over "linux subsystem for windows"

I see that the original commenter deactivated their account here, I am curious if your thinking on BBS changed since then at all or if you've seen any additional evidence on the topic? has a fictional exploration of a similar topics (trying to achieve not just intelligence transfer, but also expertiese in a relevant field)

Curious to hear about your experience so far!

During these 3 months, I've gone through one or two packs of 30 lozenges each, not sure. Yeah, I was sick a lot and worried, wondering if I am getting sick or not, even more. I suspect that Life Extension peppermint lozenges hurt my teeth worse than anything else I regularly consume. Perhaps they're made of sugar? I haven't checked. As for helping with common cold, I have no idea if they are helping. Maybe, slightly. In the beginning I thought that maybe I am noticing some positive effect, but it could easily be placebo. I also have a hunch that maybe they help with throat symptoms but not with nose symptoms.

👋 thanks everyone for attending, I'd appreciate people sending me feedback on how did it go for you. You can do that by filling out the form at

Hey! The podcast sounds exciting! A bit of feedback - it wasn't really trivial for me to find the rss feed to subscribe to the podcast though. It does not seem to be featured separately anywhere on the website?

My admin pointed out the RSS feed (which I assume is what you found) and he's going to see if there's a way to make subscribing easier.  Thanks for bringing this to my attention!
Huh, let me ask about that!  Thanks for your interest.

Thanks for writing this up! I've listened to a TTS version of it 😅.

I'm spending most of my "in between activities" time (walking, biking, eating, showering) listening to audiobooks/podcasts and to a lesser degree - music.

And for a long while I've been wondering about things similar to what you mention in the post:

  • Is constantly being subject to new information stimulus is detrimental to my ability to do "unconscious processing/problem-solving" (presumably the driver behind the "aha moments in the shower" phenomena/etc).
  • Does it reduce the rate at which I
... (read more)

Thank you for giving it a try :)

Yeah, I guess I should describe the proposed workflow in more details and make it as simple as possible :). I will do that in the coming days.

Yes to contribute back you would need to fork the repository on github, clone the fork, make an export of your updated deck on top of it, and then commit, push changes to your fork of the repository on github and create a pull request from your fork.

Initial import can be either from that repository or from Github directly whatever is more convenient for you :).

Hey, I'm wondering if you had any success with this idea? I also thought you might be interested in my Anki plugin, that allows you to make a full-feature Import/Export of Anki decks to/from JSON. What I mean by full-feature is that it exports not just cards converted to JSON, but Notes, Decks, Models, Media etc. So you can do export, modify result, or merge changes from someone else and on Import, those changes would be reflected on your existing cards/decks and no information/metadata/etc would be lost.

You can read more about it here: https://www.reddit.... (read more)

Thank you for referencing "mastermind group" it's great that there are background knowledge and experience in this area. Alas I don't see many people willing to participate..

Hi, thank you for creating this great list!

Aumann’s agreement theorem: Landsburg, The Big Questions, chapter 8.

This link is broken, and I was not able to find this chapter separately anywhere. I would appreciate if someone would be able to update the link or re-upload the document (or recommend another good article on this topic). Thank you.

It's on Library Genesis in PDF and DJVU formats.

Hi, thank you for organizing this group! I think it'd be helpful if you will create a list with existing discussions of the group at the end of this post.