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You're right, of course, that there is evidence from experience, and other comments discuss the extrapolation of such evidence to Soylent, both for and against its risk to health.

I mean rather to address the calls for randomized, controlled experiments. Indeed, I would like to see a rigorous clinical study of Soylent, and I would not believe any specific claim about the health benefits of Soylent without at least that much evidence.

But the standard employed by most people for making dietary changes, even major ones (e.g., any fad diet), is basically whim a... (read more)

I'm surprised by the strongly negative reactions to this. Yes, the claims being made about Soylent are ridiculously overstated and undoubtedly will be softened with time. And yes, I suspect that some ill effects on health will result for some who subsist entirely on Soylent, especially in this first public version.

But I also suspect that very few people (and only those prepared to accept the consequences) will attempt to subsist entirely on Soylent for long periods of time. What I think interests most people is a way to recover most of the time they spend ... (read more)

Yes there is; my continued survival, my avoidance of hospital, my ability to heal wounds and recover from illness...

1 is based on assigning what value to your time?

Low, since I do my cooking and cleaning in downtime when I can't bear to read any more or do something productive; and I also favor recipes like giant crockpots of soup which are both dead-easy to make and consume.