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Re: Competent Elites

Simply that 90% of smart people understand the DK effect and basic humility.

And the fact that some of the dumbest people I've ever met love to crow about their IQ.

Irrational Economics

You're going to have to familiarize yourself with Keen's work I'm afraid. Here's a good starting point.

Grab a cup of Joe:

Fire Law Incentives

Yes. I got that. But given the state of western ecosystems, upside down planning and zoning incentives encouraging incessant encroachment on the WUI, and obtuse politicians, if we "let 'em rip" today there wouldn't be a tree or structure left in decade (that might be a little hyperbole but you take the point I hope).

You see pretty reasonable and thick skinned. So, I apologize for the snarly tone. But, given I'm a treehugger and our biosphere is being destroyed right in front of my eyes by megalomaniacal sociopath capitalists, I'm not exactly full of whimsy these days.

I'll tone it down if you'd like to discuss further.

Re: Competent Elites

Parsimony wept ... way to rediscover the Dunning/Kruger effect. 

Irrational Economics

"economists in the real world doing real work involving real dollars" are doing micro. And yeah, I don't doubt they agree. And most of them know the limitations which is why they practice micro.

The problem exists at the macro level.

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