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Not a paradise of mine (that I'm researchin'), but here's an utopia with past tech* I thought you might be interested: "Walden II" by Burrhus Skinner, conceive a "small-time" utopia-like fictional effort, inspired by science, without any "alternate history" (in the law-and-politics scale). Just sheer enterprising.

As a genre of fiction, it's quite cool. It inspired quite a few hopeful real-life "utopian communities" as well. Some with stories that can be read online: of both failures and achievements. Some ongoing right now, and can be visited with the prop... (read more)

Aldous Huxley's introduction to the unfinished 'Hopousia' by JD Unwin was always inspiring, I can't come up with a good block quote to leave here, but if you're into utopias, you might like it. I haven't gone and read the rest of the book, so maybe as far as forwards go, it isn't so great.

Fellow humans, do forgive my newbieness, but I am surprised this following study has not been mentioned: 
I speak no chemics, so I might've lost something midway of the presentation. Yet, since I have celebrated the aforementioned article as my most cherished 2020 article, I've guessed the chance of it cherishing someone's day upward was worthy of the hereby mentioning. I shall read replies probably: in case I take time to do so, one may consider oneself thanked for the reply, in advance.

I did not include the Tel Aviv/HBOT study since it is not considered a promising approach to anti-aging by most researchers in the field. The conclusions of the study are potentially misleading, due to the highly improbable senolytic effect of oxygen therapy. In my recent interview with Dr Aubrey de Grey, I asked him about this same study (timestamp: 40:30), and he said that it was enormously over-hyped.  I encourage you to read this article, which explains the media circus around the study, and critiques the science: