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I am writing a book on Trauma and I would like to include these articles. I was wondering if you could help me find them.

Thomson, P. P. (2004). The impact of trauma on the embryo and fetus: An application of the diathesis-stress model and the neurovulnerability-neurotoxicity model. Journal of Prenatal & Perinatal Psychology & Health, 19(1), 9.

Goodman, R. D. (2013). The transgenerational trauma and resilience genogram. Counselling Psychology Quarterly, 26(3-4), 386-405.

Thank you


Thank you for sending this article and link. I truly appreciate it Sarunas.


Hedges, D. W., & Woon, F. L. M. (2007). Structural magnetic resonance imaging findings in posttraumatic stress disorder and their response to treatment: a systematic review. Current Psychiatry Reviews, 3, 85–93.

Does anyone have a copy of this article? I can't access it from either GMU, GW, or UMD. I am writting a research paper on PTSD.