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Making DALL-E Count

What happens when you input "The number 0/zero" etc.?

I started by replicating my experiments using "The number [digit]" from 0-10 and including 100. Interestingly, DALL-E is 100% accurate until 100, when it throws in an extra zero on one of the images.

What happens if we start doing less common two-digit numbers, like 41, 66, and 87?

DALL-E seems to like duplicating individual digits. I'd guess that this is because all numbers from 60-69 contain at least one 6, so it's weighted heavily toward having any given digit in images containing "the number [6X]" be a 6.

What if we generate a few more non-duplicate doubl... (read more)

Playing with DALL·E 2

Image link appears to be broken.

1Dave Orr3mo
Seems to work in an incognito window on Chrome, so I think it's generally available...
Playing with DALL·E 2

Request: "The answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything"

1Dave Orr3mo
I'm not sure what I expected for this one. [] On the upside, at least we have a specific answer?:
Yamato's Shortform

I don't think there's much I can do; I'm sort of planning to get into alignment research someday but that will take a long time since I'm not already a math/compsci PhD, plus I have many other issues with my life that need sorting out. The "delay by way of outreach/advocacy" discourse is interesting and I may or may not be able to do some theorycrafting about those topics, since I sometimes theorycraft about politics for fun.

It would be great if you find the time and energy to pursue this, but also makes sense to try to sort out any other issues in your life, as it's much harder to make progress when things are weighing you down.
Playing with DALL·E 2

Request: "Screenshot from the anime adaptation of James Joyce's novel Finnegans Wake"

3Dave Orr4mo
Posted. Anime, check. Everything else, not so much.
Yamato's Shortform

Jeez, these last few days have not been kind to my p(doom), as people call it here. "April is the cruellest month", indeed. (That being said, beware of the bandwagon effect, don't update just because you read that I updated)

Damn, sorry to hear. Are you planning to do anything about it?
Don't die with dignity; instead play to your outs

At least to my mind, other phrases of the form "Dying with X" also make it sound like you've just plain given up on "not dying" except that you're still going through the motions for some reason. (Of course I'm not arguing that that's what you're actually doing, only that that's what the optics are)

(Sorry if feedback from rando is unwanted)

Dr Fauci as Machiavellian Boddhisattva

I'm not the OP but I'd say read up on the methods of history's most successful rabble-rousers, and look for data/ethnographies/whatever about the demographics you're targeting so you can get an idea of what they're like. Also read up on the "art of strategy" in general. Then again, I'm not sure there's much in this sphere that you can actually do without A: devoting your entire life to it and B: doing things that both you and society at large would consider objectionable.

2Ben Pace4mo
My guess is this answer is false and I’d potentially be able to do a lot different if such folks were part of my local community.
April 2022 Welcome & Open Thread

Are there any efforts underway to move the content from Arbital to some platform that's, frankly, less buggy, unfinished, and inconvenient to use? Seems to me like a worthwhile thing to do if one wants people to actually read it, see Beware Trivial Inconveniences.

(Apologies if the above comes across as more caustic than it was meant to be, I'm still feeling my way around LessWrong's communication norms)

Note that [] exists.
It's been a thing I've been hoping to get around to for a long time. I'll ping the MIRI folks again to see whether maybe it's time to copy over more content.
Third Time: a better way to work

"Fractional breaks" or "proportional breaks", perhaps?

They're accurate, but rather long and dry/mathematical. An ideal name (if it exists) would be lighter/snappier, to be more memorable and approachable to the general public. I've devised quite a few names for things in my life, and this is the hardest one!