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Introducing Rational Animations

I think you’re onto something. A scout mindset alternative way to frame this issue was done by Spencer Greenberg at the end of this episode, which might help.

tl;dr Encourage the good parts of creative ideas and be supportive, instead of only shooting down creative ideas. Yet encourage the person to have a scout mindset, so they learn more effectively.

Some of it might be expectations. In my experience people are often not comfortable showing projects that are not sufficiently done yet, perhaps because the system is set... (read more)

What are some beautiful, rationalist artworks?
Answer by YiarMar 16, 20215
Uncertainty from Vast Space of Possibilities
What are some beautiful, rationalist artworks?
Answer by YiarMar 16, 20213
What Miss Mitchell Saw by Hayley Barrett
Learning How to Learn (And 20+ Studies)

Also, I’d recommend thinking about learning in terms of the principles at Sparkwave’s 10 Conditions for Change. How to set up a design that aid oneself to actually do these demanding but effective learning behaviours, is key.

Learning How to Learn (And 20+ Studies)

Another book related to this is Ultralearning by Scott Young.

Have not read all chapters thoroughly as I’ve learned about many of these principles elsewhere, but this book seem to include most of the learning concepts you mention, as well as some of the CFAR concepts such as Turbocharging, Overlearning, Tutoring Wheel, and so on. I recall the author of Learning how to Learn calling it the best book on learning, so it might interest you! 🙂

2maxa7moThank you, I will look into it!
Audio version of Rationality: From AI to Zombies out of beta

I've been listening to the book with an iOS app called Voice Dream Reader, with the voice Amy from Ivona. It's the best quality voice I've found for iOS and it let's me listen to all my ebooks. A real voice is probably better, but I got used to the voice in no time and now enjoy stimulating my mind while I e.g. go to school. Greatly recommended!