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Training Reflective Attention

How can I distinguish between reflective attention and common attention?

Tulpa References/Discussion

Exocortex is what you need.

There are methods to remember things better, to wake up at a specific time, to make unconscious mind work for you. The last one may be disputable technique, because there are still debates regarding work of unconscious mind. But you do not need tulpa for that.

By the way, I have some well-detailed characters from role-playing game of mine, they act much like tulpas but without visual image in surrounding environment. I just have their pictures and appearances in mind. Another difference is that the most of them do not know about m... (read more)

The beginnings of a test for Rationality Quotient

Do you mean handbook published in 2004? And could you please describe in a few words why does it suck?

It's too focused on philosophical issues, not sufficiently aware of contemporary rationality science, and its chapters aren't handy broad overviews but instead relatively narrow in scope. Luckily, we now have the Oxford Handbook of Thinking and Reasoning [] , which is quite good.
Meetup : Saint-Petersburg: Game Event

This link maybe? You can follow it clicking on the “Nearest Meetups” title on the right column.

On-line conference for LW readers and meet up members

I think we should plan set of topics to discuss. I prefer to start with the same topics that were discussed on the regular meet ups.

On-line conference for LW readers and meet up members

Video and audio conferences are good if you have 3-5 people. But I think we will have more participants, so multiple IRC rooms devoted to the different topics should work better.

Meetup : Melbourne Practical Rationality - July 5th

Would you like to contact with me and share views and information regarding meet up organization? I also want to bring CFAR workshop in my city and we conduct practical gatherings all the time.

Meetup : Austin, TX - HPMoR Wrap Party

Your meet up is planned for the year 2019, can you correct it?

This is currently deliberate [] , and I plan on restoring it to the current year as soon as we get functionality for automatically recurring meetup notices.
Open thread, May 17-31 2013

I would like to help to create LessWrong communities in the Russian speaking countries, can anyone provide me with site visitor statistics from Russia and CIS?

13 of the respondents to the latest survey [] said they were from Russia.
Want to have a CFAR instructor visit your LW group?

That would be great if you come! Here is information regarding Russian visas. You can easily get visa invitation from tourist company and I can provide with all information about Russia.

Want to have a CFAR instructor visit your LW group?

Can she visit Moscow? We have a lot to discuss with CFAR representative.

I absolutely can visit Moscow! I'm waiting to receive more info on my itinerary but I expect I'll be able to make it out to Moscow sometime during the last week of May/first week of June.
We Don't Drink Vodka (LW Moscow report)

Well, liar's dice has optional rule: drink a cup of something if you lose.

We Don't Drink Vodka (LW Moscow report)

Have you tried prediction markets in any form? We are going to introduce it to our meetup group and use it as calibration practice.

No we haven't.
We Don't Drink Vodka (LW Moscow report)

Thank you for your notice, there were not very clear description, I have edited it. Here is description for the both games:

In game A you will receive a money prize if your statement is true, in other words if the correct number is between your upper and lower bounds.

In game B you generate random number between 0 and 1, and you win if the random is between zero and your credence (0.9, for example). I can say that you win with probability equals to your credence.

If you prefer game A, you may be underconfident; if you prefer game B, you may be overconfident

... (read more)
Yes, now I understand it. Thank you!
We Don't Drink Vodka (LW Moscow report)

Thank you, I think current title will suffice.

Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality discussion thread, part 18, chapter 87

Chapter 62:

Wasn't test to check Harry's Time turner too simple? Harry cheated very easy, he just used another person with Time turner. But this is grave matter, escape from Azkaban, and professors had chosen this kind of test...

Yeah, I don't know why the test didn't involve Time-Turning such that he would appear right in front of Dumbledore or whoever at three o'clock. It shouldn't be too difficult to prevent cheating with the Cloak. It doesn't even require having thought of the test before three, just knowing where someone (Flitwick, etc) was at three, without actually seeing it yourself.
Great rationality posts in the OB archives

I made an EPUB file from all these posts to read at my e-reader. If someone else is interested, you can download it here: Overcoming bias selected.epub

Meetup : Moscow: Applied Rationality

Yes, that is correct. We are also going to post more detailed reports in Russian on Russian forum.

[Link] Learning New Languages Helps The Brain Grow

This article can be used as additional source of motivation for people, who are going to learn foreign language.

Meetup : Winter Solstice Megameetup - NYC

Could you give an example of “ritual-meta-discussion”?

In descending levels of meta that may occur on the list: 1) Discussing what purposes we should or shouldn't use ritual for 2) Discussing how how many events should be held throughout the year, what types of events they should be, how similar or different they should be, how many people should we attempt to bring to them, which groups we should be targeting, how should various events be thematically tied together 3) How should the emotional arc of a particular event be? In the case of the Winter Solstice, how far do we want to push emotions in particular directions (it gets at least somewhat grim before it becomes uplifting - do we want just a little grim, or should people actually be, like, crying at the unfairness of the universe, before we start 4) Events have numerous "niches" that need filling. The Winter Solstice, for example, needs a combination of fun/loud songs, silly stories, quieter/prettier songs, grimly realistic songs/stories, and then uplifting songs/stories. It doesn't matter what specific pieces fill those niches, as long as they all fit together harmoniously. 5) Feedback on individual songs, stories and potentially other activities. Earlier in the year, I posted most of my thoughts regarding all of these levels of the design process. I didn't end up getting enough response to be worth the time to distill my thoughts into organized e-mails, so eventually I started working off the list. But as the Winter Solstice approaches I'll be soliciting more feedback, specifically for 3, 4 and 5.
Illustration proposal for Methods of Rationality

Plus, how do you explicitly say something "this scene has been illustrated 5 times already, but all of them were crappy, so I'd like one more illustration of the same scene, this time a better one" without offending and thus discouraging the fanartists that made the earlier art?

I do not want to say it to anybody. I think about creating the list of possibilities.

It seems to me that fanartists already have some idea of what they are inspired to illustrate -- and the scenes that personally interest them are the scenes they're most likely to ill

... (read more)
Illustration proposal for Methods of Rationality

I am, but only the beginner.

I also think that the list of such a suggestions will not be “what people should do” list but “what people could do, if they want to help” one.

I don't know, doesn't this have the possible danger of turning a delight into a chore? It seems to me that fanartists already have some idea of what they are inspired to illustrate -- and the scenes that personally interest them are the scenes they're most likely to illustrate well.

Unless we were offering commissions, or unless a fanartist specifically asks for suggestions to use, I don't know that it's actually our place to volunteer suggestions to them -- this may seem unappreciative on our behalf of their own ideas.

Plus, how do you explicitly say somet... (read more)

Illustration proposal for Methods of Rationality

I know, but don't you think there could be more?

Russian plan for immortality [link]

They have another interesting plan on their site:

It is supposed that as a result of the planned work at the end of 2015 the project’s team will elaborate the full detailed description of the mechanisms of human brain. It will be possible to use this description to make (in yrs. 2018-2020) a full scale working analog of the human brain, based on technological (not biological) informational elements and devices.

So, just wait a bit, and you can get electronic brain. ^^ This reminds me of the predictions about number of gene... (read more)

Sequence translations: Seeking feedback/collaboration

Small group of people, including me, translates sequences to Russian. We already have our own site, , so if anyone wants to help us, you are welcome!

If you are looking for Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality in Russian, another group translates it also:

Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality discussion thread, part 16, chapter 85

A small idea, how time turners may work, or how it can be described in the future chapters:

Let's assume that real travel back in time is not possible. But we can have mysterious source of magic somewhere, and this thing can be supercomputer or (and) superintelligence capable of correct prediction of events that will happen in some limited volume of space and time. And this superbeing can predict activation of time turner in future, predict mental and physical state of the person who will do that and create a copy of this person in the present time. "M... (read more)

Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality discussion thread, part 16, chapter 85

I agree about giants, they may lack of training to use wizard's spells, but some of their abilities may be magic-based, for example, spell resistance, extra strength (comparing with non-magical creatures of the same size), maybe some regeneration ability.

Harry can make some broad study of non-human blood and find something interesting.

Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality discussion thread, part 16, chapter 85

Chapter 23:

If Harry is correct about how magic is inherited, this idea can bring some interesting issues in future chapters. Short resume of Harry's idea: there are recessive magic gene (M) and dominant non-magic gene (N). Magic users have two magic genes (MM), and pair of them are needed to work with magic. Squibs have one magic gene (MN) and muggles have two non-magic genes (NN) all of them can't do magic.

First, how squibs appears? Actually people with MN genes can live between muggles because muggle-borg wizards and witches are born from parents with MN... (read more)

I dimly recall that in canon, Squibs are actually the children of two wizards. That contradicts Harry's finding directly. But then Rowling probably didn't have any rules in mind about how magic inherits, so it might be impossible to come up with a good theory that explains everything we know from canon.
Canon has Hagrid and Maxime (half-giant), Fleur and Gabrielle (one-quarter veela), and Filius Flitwick (part goblin). Veelas and goblins use forms of magic, but giants don't. That may be not because giants lack the genetic ability, but because they lack the attention or intelligence to learn how to make use of it, though. Goblins appear to have intelligence around human level, but use magic differently from witches and wizards. Other species noted for using their own flavors of magic include house-elves and centaurs. There aren't any part-house-elf or part-centaur characters in canon or HPMoR, though.
Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality discussion thread, part 10

I look forward to description of general rules of magic in HPMOR, and maybe Harry can find some of that rules later in the book. This may be even better part than the episode with acorns.

And I agree, that is great book, mostly because it promotes scientific ideas.

Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality discussion thread, part 10

Dumbledore just can know about Snape's schemes, and also want him to believe, that he doesn't know. If he consider Snape's game mostly harmless...

A few questions on International Rationality

I can add, that there are more at least slightly religious people in Russia today, than 10-20 years ago. Transhumanism may be supported by people, who was graduated in USSR, but now Russia Orthodox Church becomes more influential and helps to support irrationality and biases. Science fiction in Russia is dominated by the fantasy book, which can't support any rational ideas and transhumanism.

But, there are also people, who have studied natural sciences in colleges and may want to become more rational and support, for example, cryonics.

I have also met some J... (read more)

A few questions on International Rationality

Could you clarify, what do you want to learn, and for what reason? I think I may help you with specific book or manuals.

Less Wrong NYC: Case Study of a Successful Rationalist Chapter

You have mentioned "Presentation" as one of meetup topics. Could you please tell me, have you ever made or heard a presentation of some scientific discoveries and break-troughs at your meetups? For example, someone could read an interesting article in a magazine, and tell about this topic at the meetup. Or just talk about his or her own speciality and science interests. For me it seems to be useful and interesting kind of activity to do at rationalists' meetings. domain for translation project?

Use if possible, or just create brand new eye-catching phrase in Russian, which will not be translation of "less wrong", because correct translation of this phrase will be long and counter-intuitive. For example:,, мысли-правильно.рф (think correctly), напряги-мозги.рф (get smart), мозгоштурм.рф (brain storming) etc.

P.S. I have found at Translations list page, so let's use it. domain for translation project?

That also can indicate something like "There is a community which prefer to be closed for new members and that's why they use some words that only they can understand clearly". I believe that the web-site with translations should be understood by people, who did not read in English some time ago, and can not see familiar words. The more terms can be correctly comprehended by newcomers, the better for this rationalists community.

Off-topic: Russian machine translation

If you still need the translator, please have a look at this one:

This made by the company, which specializes in machine translation from and to Russian language, so the result looks better than made by Google or Yandex translators.

SotW: Check Consequentialism

One possible exercise:

  1. In pairs or in groups one person is asked by instructor, what he or she wants to buy in near future. For example, the person wants new digital camera.

  2. Then group should calculate full cost of this camera, including all accessories and expendables.

  3. After that people in the group suggest alternative activities and expenses, based on this full cost of digital camera, what the person can buy instead of this camera. For example, the person can buy a bike and ride around, instead buy a camera and take pictures around.

  4. Then the person,

... (read more)
Minicamps on Rationality and Awesomeness: May 11-13, June 22-24, and July 21-28

Could you specify location of the minicamp? Or suggest several possible locations? I just want to calculate trip time from San Francisco International Airport, I also hope it will be useful information for all applicants outside of USA, like me.

The previous camps were held in Berkeley, and I'm fairly sure these will be held there as well. They also picked up the camp participants from the airport last time.