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Ah. That web site throws out too many claims to investigate fully -- who has the time? -- but if you google around for a sampling of them you'll notice that they tend to crumble under scrutiny. The sections mentioning quantum mechanics are especially blatant: they're gibberish, total incoherent misuse of terminology. EDIT: There's a sequence of articles called Mysterious Answers to Mysterious Questions which is relevant here. One that applies in particular is Fake Explanations, which could be summarized as "If you are equally good at explaining any outcome, you have zero knowledge." When people talk about "etheric worlds on different frequencies", or "energy vortices swirling faster than the speed of light on the earth plane", what does this predict? What, concretely, does it mean? If it can explain anything, then it predicts nothing.

I found a website that might have credible evidence for the afterlife and I wanted to post about it here so it can be checked by the experts. I want to find evidence for whether God exists or not using rational methods and I think this site will be very helpful. I'm only a teenager though so I think I need adult guidance. I know many people here are atheists and naturalists so I hope there isn't any bias since you've learned to overcome it.

Did you mean to post a link here? I'm not seeing one.