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Hi! I'm from China-yes, exactly the place where COVID-19 was born and ruined our Spring Festival completely. After months-long battle with the virus, now the confirmed case of COVID-19 has down to an alltime low. But it saddens me to see that this virus seem to spread across other countries,South Korea,Japan,Iran,Italy etc. Here I'd like to share with you some advice that Chinese goverment used to prevent the virus from infecting more people.

1.Intially, the government advised people to stay at home. But soon,the advice escalated to ne... (read more)

Side note; I would say that the discussion conventions of LessWrong discourage copious use of emphasis with things like bold, underline or all caps. The idea is that writers should strive to convince people with their words, and not with their formatting.

What makes you think this advice is good, or have the sources provided their own justification? This thread is specifically for justified advice, not high-prestige advice.

Ok, masks are the thing I am looking for advice for in the US. I do not know where to get them -- I checked Amazon and they're sold out, and my local drugstore doesn't seem to stock them at all (or are also sold out). Various advice online suggests that only n95 masks will be effective. Is that true? Talk to me more about the masks.