This Sunday, 12PM PT: Scott Garrabrant on "Finite Factored Sets"



This Sunday at 12pm (PT), we're running another LW weekly online meetup.
MIRI's Scott Garrabrant will be giving a talk introducing Finite Factored Sets, a new proposed successor to Judea-Pearl-style causal reasoning. Scott writes that Finite Factored Sets is "a framework which I find roughly as technically interesting as logical induction", with wide applications to embedded agency, inference, abstraction, causality, and temporal reasoning.

In the days after the talk, Scott will be posting a sequence on Finite Factored Sets to LessWrong. For now, if you want to read more, Scott has written a short post on background motivations.

The talk will be given in Zoom. Afterwards there'll be Q&A and some open-ended discussion.

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Will the talk be recorded?

Yes, and we'll be posting the basic content to LW later that day, so people who don't like talks or have scheduling conflicts can just read a written version.

Here's the basic content, in the form of a transcript+video of a version of this talk Scott gave at Topos 12 days ago: This heavily overlaps with the LW talk today.

I'm guessing we'll release the LW talk video sometime too.