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A voting theory primer for rationalists

17 min read
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Adult Neurogenesis – A Pointed Review

10 min read
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A Sketch of Good Communication

2 min read
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Can corrigibility be learned safely?

3 min read
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Reframing misaligned AGI's: well-intentioned non-neurotypical assistants

1 min read
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Explicit and Implicit Communication

13 min read
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Argument, intuition, and recursion

8 min read
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An Untrollable Mathematician Illustrated

1 min read
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Hammertime Final Exam

2 min read
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The Costly Coordination Mechanism of Common Knowledge

66 min read
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[Event] AI Summer Fellows Program

06/27/2018 Bodega Bay, CA, USA
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[Event] EA Global SF 2018

06/08/2018 Bespoke Events, Market Street, San Francisco, CA, USA
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[Event] How Not To Behave On The Internet - LW/SSC Meetup #56 (Wednesday, April 25th)

Tomorrow at 2:00 AM 10850 West Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, USA
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Don't Believe Wrong Things
Jacobian14h12 min readShow Highlightsubdirectory_arrow_left

This is cross-posted from, you can jump in the discussion in either place.

LessWrong has a reputation for being a place where dry and earnest people write dry and earnest essays with titles like “Don’t Believe Wrong Things”. A casual visitor wouldn’t expect it to host lively discussions of ... (Read More)

You’re just talking about correspondence bias / fundamental attribution error, right?

Good question! Also hard to give a clear cut example of, but I think this is somewhat true of how I understand people's behavior.

* When I was little, I saw people as having an unchanging character: good person, angry person, mean person. * When I grew up I realized that "character" isn't reall...(read more)

I think I'm more on your side of the argument but I don't find the arguments you bring convincing. You use an example like the moon-landing where there's no value in believing in it and you given that you don't have the skills to simply change your beliefs by choice, you take it as an assumption tha...(read more)

Effective Altruism's Ultimate Goal: Eradicate Human Suffering.
willfranks6h7 min readShow Highlightsubdirectory_arrow_left

The Highest Good We Can Serve

The Effective Altruism movement aims to answer the question "how can we use our resources to help others the most?". Well, let us ask: what is the most we could ever help someone? In the quest for human progress, what would it mean to go all the way? What’s the highest, most altruistic goal we could shoot for, both as individuals and as a society? I venture t... (Read More)

The title and first paragraph of this post feel a bit misleading, since in the body of the post you are just arguing that eradicating human psychological suffering is a worthwhile goal, not that it is the best or only goal. In particular you seem to be implicitly comparing it just to standard povert...(read more)

Models of human relationships - tools to understand people
Elo9mo21 min readShow Highlightsubdirectory_arrow_left

This post will not teach you the models here. This post is a summary of the models that I carry in my head. I have written most of the descriptions without looking them up (See ... (Read More)

Okay, firstly, thanks for the post and the response!

Are you saying that we can prefer judgement over non-judgement, it's just that NVC predicts that this will lead to ineffective communication and/or damage the relationship? ( I had conversations [like this]( more)

On Emotional Responsibility & Abuse
devas1d3 min readShow Highlightsubdirectory_arrow_left

Linkpost for

Crossposted from my personal Tumblr. This is how one does cross posts, right?


This is going to be a pretty serious article.

I very recently listened to a long video on youtube, discussing a case of emotional abuse in close detail, through chat logs and publicly available info on the behaviour of each member of the couple.

I won’t link directly to the video-it’s tangentially about a fantasti... (Read More)

Thank you!

Your comment really shone light into things that were cloudy, it's a great help :-)

This reminds me of the way that sometimes people we cast into abuser roles based on their behavior are not acting with abusive intent but rather lack what we might call the emotional maturity to be able to choose not to behave in ways that will be abusive towards others. For example, a person with l...(read more)

Ten Commandments for Aspiring Superforecasters
Evan_Gaensbauer13h8 min readShow Highlightsubdirectory_arrow_left

_Cross-posted to the Effective Altruism Forum_

In the last several years, political scientist and forecasting research pioneer Philip Tetlock has made waves for the success of his research program in geopolitical forecasting, published in the form of the popular book _... (Read More)

Hold On To The Curiosity
Ben Pace2d6 min readShow Highlightsubdirectory_arrow_left

... (Read More)

Less valuable than trying is my guess. I don't mean some heroic effort, I mean like a yoda timer. If you do try it and it *doesn't* work that would be an interesting data point for me.

Do you have more words to say on what more is there?

Yeah, OK. It works but you need to make sure to take the limit in a particular way, e.g. convolution with a sequence of approximations to the identity. Also you need to assume that .mjx-chtml {display: inline-block; line-height: 0; text-indent: 0; text-align: left; text-transform: none; font-style: ...(read more)