Nakameguro, Meguro City, Tokyo, Japan

We're a community that has fun caring about nuance and engaging in good-faith debate with open and kind skepticism. We have been meeting monthly since mid-2021 in Nakameguro, Tokyo. 

To join in, feel free to get in touch in any of the many ways to do so. It's useful to be in contact before coming to an event, to help with that first leap of faith.

We discuss hard questions inspired by rationalism and ACX, to change perspectives and get over our biases with other people who have patience for such things, and to build high-trust relationships in a place where making community is hard. This is a place to dive into the weeds, to be curious about other people's perspectives, and to love finding out that you were wrong!

As you are reading LW you may know, the wider rationality community first sprang up around the blogs Overcoming Bias and LessWrong around 2007. As of February 2022, there were active communities in about 35 cities around the world, and occasional meetups in nearly 200 more. Rationality meetups use a variety of different names, and this group focused on ‘ACX meetups’. ACX, or Astral Codex Ten, is a blog written by Scott Alexander. Much of Scott’s following found him via his previous blog, SlateStarCodex (SSC), which was active from February 2012 through June 2020, or via his earlier writings on LessWrong and LiveJournal. Many meetups also use the LessWrong brand, which is owned by Lightcone Infrastructure. For the basics (or a refresher) of ACX click here. Reading the 11 suggested articles on Where Do I Start and the most recent substantial ACX blog post will get you fully fluent with ACX lingo.

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