Kitchener-Waterloo Rationality

Waterloo, ON, Canada

A weekly gathering for discussing posts from LessWrong, Astral Codex Ten, other good posts on the internet, and getting into other rationalist shenanigans. Generally 6-12 people show up to these things.

See our website, for rules and FAQs.

You can see a tentative list of future meetups here - although these are subject to change. The canonical meetup descriptions exist as events on this LW page.

Everyone worries they're not serious enough about ACX/rationality to join, so you should banish that thought and come anyway.

To be notified about the next meetup, you can:

  1. Make a LessWrong account and click the bell icon to subscribe to this group.
  2. Join the meetup group and get email notifications.
  3. Join the discord and get pinged for group notifications. Discord invites are only available to people who have attended at least one in person meetup.

Upcoming Events

2024 ACX Spring Megameetup
85 Queen Street North, KitchenerMay 9th

Past Events

KWR Plays Poker
WaterlooApr 18th
KWR x EA: Down the Animal Welfare Rabbit Hole
200 University Avenue West, WaterlooApr 11th
Luxury Beliefs
WaterlooApr 4th
KWR Plays Chess
WaterlooMar 8th
Improv Games
WaterlooMar 1st
Workshop Workshop
WaterlooFeb 23rd
Good Company(?)
9 Princess Street East, WaterlooFeb 8th