Karlsruhe Rationality

Karlsruhe, Germany

This group is currently sleeping, but most of the people are still there. We used to have weekly meetups, right now it went down to once every ACX Meetups Everywhere. If you want more stuff to happen, then feel free to step up and organize something :)

Our aim is to connect Rationalists from Karlsruhe and the surrounding area. We are always happy to get to know new people and new perspectives. Please feel free to come even if you feel awkward about it, even if you’re not ‘the typical LessWrong / SSC reader'.

We usually speak German, but if you live in the region but don't speak German, we are happy to switch to English.

To join our Signal group, please show up to one of our meetings.

Upcoming Events

ACX Schelling Meetup
OststadtApr 27th

Past Events