Suppose rational, organic, emergent, strains of thought are attempting to be followed through the sublime collisions of billions of humans thoughts, actions, and emotions as expressed through our world culture, media and societal efforts. These constitute a basic form of world consciousness as brought on by the digital age and the advancement of computers and the Internet. As instances of coherent, cooperative communication and effort enabled by globalization, the adoption of these rational thoughts, beliefs and behaviors is influenced by something I call Cultural Lag.

Simply put, Cultural Lag is a force of impedance in a system of Social Physics. Social Physics being the rational institution of the Laws of Physics, as applied to the Social Studies. This is a concept I've been thinking and attempting to write about for several years, although I'm sure I'm not the only person thinking along these lines. But as the world of Social Studies consists of the interactions of persons, places, and things, they are subject to the Laws of Physics, and so the tenants of Physics must apply.

The ability to measure Cultural Lag is not yet available - although I'd love to give it a shot, as an artist I lack the technical skills to sort it out but am open to discussion about the possibility of even attempting to find an equation for it - but it IS possible to spot examples of it everywhere. The trouble with convincing the majority of Americans at this point to get vaccinated is a prime example. Much of the science and research has been done, the logistics are in place and doses are available, but a variation of Cultural Lag - Vaccine Hesitancy - slows down the progress of the world because of beliefs. 

Everything from the existence of Lead Pipes in American public water systems, to lack of internet access for low income and rural Americans, to lack of agreement on whether the Earth is flat, whether God exists, access to decent Physical and Mental healthcare, and many, many more, are all examples of Cultural Lag. I hypothesize that it exists as a force of impedance in the atomic and possibly quantum realm, which expresses itself at the human scale as the incredibly unequal distribution of resources across the spectrum of life on this planet.

One of the main vectors of Cultural Lag is Mass communication, as the valuable, rational and Cohumane intentions of the producers of beneficial knowledge, goods and technology is often lost in the sound and the fury of our media and competing institutional efforts, as the flow of good information and resources is impeded from making it's way to those who need it. Cohumane intentions are intentions which attempt to take into account humanity living in harmony with all life in the Universe, including the potential for Aliens from other planets as well as any Artificial Life which might emerge from our Technological efforts.

It is these examples of Cultural Lag I attempt to address through my writing and my art, identifying and attempting to express my thoughts and feelings about them, as well as attempting to create solutions to the very real problems they often represent. Keeping in mind I approach these domains from the perspective of an artist/designer/media critic, this blog is my first attempt to share my ideas with a broader audience. My ideas are open to interpretation and my thinking is (I believe) open to change. I'm open to suggestions, work groups, opportunities to collaborate with other artists or people with technical skills, and just plain discussion. 

I intend to use this blog as a way to introduce some of my work, and to invite people to engage productively with it. As my ideas sometimes are so broad I find it hard to cut them up into smaller pieces on a post by post basis, I'm looking forward to the challenge. I understand much of what I think and have written is based on work I've read or seen before, and will try my best to acknowledge those people and their work as things come up, but I'm not that great at academic writing. I'm debating attempting graduate work, possibly in statistics or media criticism, although I have spent a fair amount of time thinking about how to start a non-profit.

Whats the take away? I've got ideas, some are good, some are bad, I want to improve my thinking, and I'm looking for some community. Stay tuned while I attempt to do these things and more, as interestingly and productively as possible.


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