"I didn't know you suffered from Spontaneous Duplication," said Luna.

"Your mother is safe in what's left of her tank. Let's modify these guys' memories and get out of here," said Luna's not-imaginary friend.

Six Kirito instances turned their Spimster wickets. One boy remained.

The Hufflepuff Common Room was as cozy as ever. It always had snacks. Luna, Fay and Kirito sat on fluffy sofas before the roaring fire. Technically Luna and Fay weren't supposed to be there but the Hufflepuffs didn't let rules get in the way of hospitality.

"What happened while I was unconscious?" asked Fay.

"I could tell you but you'd be happier if you figured it out yourself," said Luna.

"Fiiiiiine," said Fay.

"Random question. Would you trade me and Kirito for the deepest secrets of the Universe? Hypothetically, of course," said Luna.

"What a silly choice. The secrets of the Universe would drive me insane," said Fay.

"Phew," said Luna.

"You're much worse," said Fay.

Luna tickled her. They chased each other around the Common Room and ended up back on the sofa.

"The Department of Mysteries is such a rip-off," said Fay.

"What do you mean?" said Luna.

"We never did cure my affliction. You know, the whole thing where nobody except you two know I exist? I thought there would be some sort of clue," said Fay.

"Sorry about that Fay. Maybe we'll figure it out on our next adventure," said Kirito.

"Wait a minute," said Fay. She got up.

"Where are you going?" said Luna.

"I'll be right back," said Fay.

The dungeons were the color of yin.

"Hello Professor," said Fay.

"Hello Ms. Li," said Lady Yue.

Lady Yue poured some 綠茶. Fay didn't give a damn how it was pronounced or how expensive it was. The student let the hot cup rest on the table, untouched and unappreciated.

"Who Fideliused Kirito?" said Fay.

"That is not my place to say," said Lady Yue. 

"Who Fideliused this year's Defense Professor?" said Fay.

"Nevermind. Who Fideliused Chang'an?" said Fay.

"I did," said Lady Yue.

"Why?" said Fay.

"There was a war," said Lady Yue.

"You left us. Everyone who wasn't in the city when it was Fideliused," said Fay.

"There was a war," said Lady Yue.

"Was. The First Wizarding War ended decades ago. Historical context does not negate the fact that you sacrificed your own people," said Fay. She drew her wand.

"The price of secrets is you must take them to the grave," said Lady Yue.

Harsh words were said, there was a flash of green light and Chang'an rejoined the world.

This concludes Luna Lovegood and the Fidelius Curse.

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I felt like I had a pretty good grasp on what was happening, but in the end I'm just as confused as at the beginning... '^-^

Lovely lovely lovely! I had assumed that the reason the immediate effects of Kirito remained was because the time removal was only first-order, removing only things unique to him and not the things which he did; but of course (in 20/20 hindsight) that wouldn't make sense, because if he truly had been removed from time then Luna's blanket would have simply not been on her, and Wanda simply not in the compartment; it was (to someone smarter than I) entirely predictable that it was only people's memory of him-specifically that was removed. I am very glad he survived after all.

This was so confusing. I liked it though. I have more to say, but I can't really be bothered.


I hope you have a lovey day!

Can you tag this/the series as finished somehow? I like to read stories when they are concluded and didn't realize I could read this yet!