"If this is a trap then They are coming," said Luna. She used the word "They" to avoid activating possible Taboos.

"It's a trap," said Fay.

"How do you know?" said Luna.

Fay rolled her eyes.

"We're doomed," said Luna.

"This is the Department of Mysteries. Maybe we'll find some powerful magical artifacts," said Fay.

They picked a door at random.

The Time Room was filled with glittering Spimster wickets. There were big Spimster wickets, little Spimster wickets, grandfather Spimster wickets and digital Spimster wickets. Fay shut the door behind them.

"I don't suppose you suffer from Spontaneous Duplication?" said Luna.

"Nope," said Fay.

Spimster wickets were not interesting. Luna and Fay retreated to the Entrance Chamber. It spun. They picked another door.

The Brain room contained a big open-topped tank full of green liquid. Tentacled brains swam around inside it.

"Nope," said Fay.

"Wait," said Luna.

Luna slowly approached the tank.

"Snap out of it. Those things are hypnotizing you," said Fay. She tugged on Luna's sleeve.

Luna placed her hand against the glass edge of the tank. One of the brains placed its tentacle opposite Luna's hand.


Fay yanked Luna away from the tank and back toward the Entrance Chamber. It was too late. An Unspeakable stood in the doorway wearing dueling armor.

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Nit-pick: if Luna is supposed to be linguistically similar to real British people (or British people in canon Harry Potter), she's unlikely to say "Mom". It would be "Mum".

Fixed. Thanks.