The housekeeper

by toonalfrink1 min read3rd Dec 201815 comments


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A simple idea, inspired by my residence at the EA Hotel. I would like to see it tried.

Take a relatively large rationalist sharehouse. Let everyone pay 10-20% more rent. That money goes to one person, the housekeeper. That's their wage, and their job is to work full-time on (something like) the following:

  • Housekeeping. They clean, cook shared dinners, do groceries, do dishes, etc. Or they outsource it. They make sure it gets done.
  • Community building. They could do this internally (hosting weekly house meetings) and externally (hosting events for the wider community). They might also work on developing rationality.
  • Upgrading the house. For example they could keep a library, add high-lumen bulbs, put up nice art, etc
  • Coaching, mental health counseling, conflict resolution, etc
  • Admissions. The housekeeper tries to pick people with the best personal fit

Plenty of stuff to do. I think this will have some obvious and not-obvious benefits:

  • It is most likely more efficient than everyone doing this stuff by themselves, allowing a net increase in work done.
  • It will most likely increase the quality of life of everyone living in the house.
  • I expect this kind of job attracts people that tend to be huffelpuff-virtuous, and we want more of that.

You might add a mechanism for accountability, for example by having the housekeeper send around a weekly memo about what they've been doing, and some mechanism for hiring and replacing housekeepers if people want that.