It's an extremely short notice, but we're going to have the first meeting tomorrow, that is - Saturday (2009-04-04) 14:00, in cafe on top of the Waterstones bookstore near the Piccadilly Circuis Tube station.

If you want to know more, email me ( for details. Or just come straight away.

Hopefully we can get it going, and the second meeting with be better organized.

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Great initiative. I'll be there.

I suggest for a rallying signal just write "less wrong meetup" in black marker on some paper, fold it so it stands up and put it on the table.

That's what we'll do, there's no widely recognizable "rationalist" symbol, so we can use words for it.

A balance (decision theory) and an urn containing colored balls, with a few balls drawn (Bayesian inference).

Actually I can make this,

I'm probably going to be half an hour or so late, though.

good luck. I am out of town today, but perhaps the next one...

I can't spare the time today - have fun!