Well, that does it, I suppose

by lucidfox1 min read17th Jul 201139 comments


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My first post here on LW related to gender identity, based on my own introspection, generated some interesting discussion that I enjoyed reading and commenting on. While there were disagreements on the origin of transsexuality, there was an agreement that it was a condition genuinely in need of treatment.

Fast forward to now, and what do we have? People throwing accusations all over the place, calling transsexuality a "delusion", comparing it with religious belief, or referring to the discredited autogynephilia (sexual fetish) theory.

How could this have happened? Either:

1) the audience of LW changed significantly in the half-year interim;

or 2) the lack of personal input in the second post caused people to more freely voice their true opinions, rather than those they suspected I would take offense at.

I don't know which possibility to lean towards, but if previously I only suspected LW was the wrong community for me (what with the singularity-worship that I don't share), now I'm almost convinced in this.