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This is a link post for a doc to one-page summaries of the core readings for AGISF, as of November 2022.

I always find condensing and rewriting arguments presented to be an effective way to learn. So while going through the syllabus myself, I wrote small summaries of each core reading in the AGI Safety fundamentals curriculum to help communicate the main arguments.

I welcome any feedback on my writing style and potential improvements. Please let me know especially if I have misunderstood or miscommunicated some points made by the original authors.

There is also another unfinished version for 2023 that I am still working on, which will incorporate the feedback I have already received, as well as the posts added in December 2022.

I hope this is useful to someone out there.


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Hello Ishan! This is lovely work, thank you for doing it!

Quick question - we (EA Serbia) are translating AGISF (2023) into Serbian (and making it readable to speakers of many related languages). Do I have your permission to translate your summary, to be used as keynotes for the facilitators in the region, or students after completing the course? We would obviously give credit to you and would be linking to this post as the original. We would not need to start now (possibly mid-February or so), and we would wait for the 2023 version to be up to date with the course we are translating.


(P.S. you may also want to answer the question of whether are you happy for it to be translated into any language, as a blank cheque of approval to translators from other countries ;) )

Hey Dusan! Yes, Of course, you have permission to translate these summaries. It's awesome that you are doing that!

Thanks for your suggestion. Yeah, this comment serves as blanket permission to anyone who wants to translate to freely do so.

Hey, I just wanted to write a quick update. Since you mentioned you will be using the 2023 summaries around Feb. Unfortunately, it seems like the AGISF syllabus is still very fluid, and the readings are still changing as the current iteration of the course is progressing. Which basically means, that the only realistic target for getting those done, is by the end of this current AGISF iteration. Sorry if that causes inconvenience.

This is wonderful. I wanted to eventually facilitate another AGISF 201 reading group so this will make things easier for me to do that. Great work!

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