SSC/LessWrong May 10th Virtual Meetup - Topic of Scott Aaronson's Talk

by Bjartur Tómas1 min read30th Apr 2020No comments


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After speaking to a few attendees of the last few meetups I setup, some wanted to axe the talks while some were fond of them. Thanks to David and /u/hxcloud99 in particular for their feedback. I have decided we will have one 20 minute talk per meetup by someone experienced with public speaking whom I think will be of interest to the attendees. After the talk, people can then mingle.

To this end, I have invited Scott Aaronson to do a talk for our next meetup on May 10th. He has kindly agreed. I have other speakers lined up for my meetings on the 24th and June 7th whom I will announce when I publish the registration form for each meeting.

Scott has many possible things he could talk about, so we thought we'd let you vote and make suggestions. See the comments below and vote on them or make your own should you want to nominate a different topic.

Topics he mentioned:

  • Intro to quantum computing
  • Google’s recent quantum supremacy experiment
  • Foundations of quantum mechanics
  • Computing with closed timelike curves
  • Gigantic integers (beyond Busy Beaver)
  • Aumann’s agreement theorem and how to make it efficient.

Again, he doesn't mind if people nominate additional topics, besides the ones he suggested, so feel free to do so.

To vote, please upvote the nominations on this reddit thread or create your own: