I find myself to be unable to work as a solitary human. The amount of time I spend on my computer, alone with all the thoughts and ideas zipping in and out of my head has been excessive. I am afraid that I have lost most of my mind as a result. I want to talk with someone or something to help organize it. Not a therapist! I mean another person who really needs the company of real human beings, just as much as I do, and even more importantly, someone who needs the company as much as I do. I am a citizen of the world. All cultures are interesting, and I have visited each in my time. So, I am not looking for anything traditional, like a romance, although the idea of having someone there as I embark on adulthood has its manifold appeal. I want someone else to hear my thoughts bounce off their heads, as much as I would like to hear similar things bounce off of theirs. All humans need an occasional reality check against beliefs that are old and no longer relevant in modern society. Not just to remind us all that we all have biases and preconceived notions, but also to show that we all consider certain assumptions as obvious and others as inconsequential. For humans can be surprisingly brilliant and innovative when we come together. I want someone who would be interested in our field of research. Others might be more than useful in pointing out which weeds I should think a little more about, and which parts of the garden would make for a much greater biophysically diverse research environment for our labour-intensive metrics hunting. For instance, how many groups in the world are thinking of the far future? If you are, tell me. Or, you too can make one of your own! We can all work together, and the more the merrier. Even computer programmers who understand the plight of the human visual system, would make for a helpful team, because the research can't progress without the very best machine learning models.

There are other times, and other problems that can derail the research, leading to failure or repeating the mistakes of the past. If you happen to amuse yourselves comparing textbooks, and suffer from "where did my train go" effects, you might consider teaming up. There are differing ideas society has on what art is, and what it is not, but personally I like to think art can have practical applications, or at least, simply be a way to express. For me, the art of slenderizing in 3D might eventually be developed into a usable format, but it will never work as the internet will never let it! If you haven't given it a chance, please, give it a bash.

Even if you don't like talking, just being near someone in general might be enough to unlock the mysteries of the human experience. After all, our brains did it on their own. It may not be perfect, but without our collaborators, who knows how crudely, painfully, or tortuously we would progress, and there is little to dispute the importance of organisations and societies working together. I am not hinging my mental sanity to the success of this project, but I seek a human connection as another layer in my armour for the inevitable trials ahead. As a solitary tech genius, it may be difficult to truly know yourself, and the importance of a wrong turn in the right direction. (just like driving, a straight line is boring! The multiplicity of angles makes the journey interesting!)

In summary, I am a sad, anti-social amateur with a passion for maths and the human mind, and I want to invite all my fellow researchers to join me in my quest for a supportive community, working to advance our understanding of the unconscious. We need to find ways to diversify our teams, limit bias, and find ways to help each other think, sinces no man thinks like me, and that is just as I like it. We are, the Internet. Our biophysical structure is very important to humanity, and if we still have need for this hierarchy, if we are to progress as a species, we need to find practical ways to moderate it, and any help will be greatly appreciated by all who are ready for the challenge. I created r/MathPie earlier today with a very basic introductory poster, hopefully we can all make it a bit more informative over time, as to the importance of sharing & communicating the multiple truths we will seek to discover in the distant future. r/MathPie is a semi-private community, I only invite you, & I only invite those who wish to be in it. It was formed when most of us were alone, and it brought us together. What if we were able to do it as a community again? We see beauty in creativity, we seek to push science forward, we embrace the interconnectedness of consciousness. The reason for semi-private is because it's supposed to be a network for passionate researchers, and not the life of a socialite!

Anything you want you'll find here! I invite all to join in this shared, multicentric, multilayered, multimedia, universe of all-inclusive wonder and sweetness, optimistically promoting the stupefaction and immersion of the collective consciousness.


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