(I think this is how GPT2-XL works)

"Once upon a time, there was a network of 48 cities (transformer layers) known collectively as the "Transformer Kingdom." Each city was a bustling metropolis with precisely 1600 storytellers (neurons / hidden units). These weren't your ordinary storytellers, though. They were skilled in transforming any tale they heard, adding their unique perspectives and plot twists.

Every day, a stream of messages, known as tokens, would arrive from the border of the kingdom. Each message was like a seed, carrying the potential to bloom into a grand tale. The journey of a message began in the first city, where it was transformed into an intricate story woven with threads of nuance and detail.

In each city, the message was passed to all 1600 storytellers simultaneously. Each storyteller would interpret the message and add their unique touch, inspired by their own perspectives. One storyteller might emphasize the drama, another the humor, while yet another might find an underlying philosophical theme. They didn't confer or debate on the plot but instead used their unique styles to imbue the tale with their individual wisdom.

Once the message passed through all the storytellers in a city, a captivating story emerged, rich with the diverse interpretations of each storyteller. It was a narrative far more nuanced and multifaceted than the original message, a story transformed by the collective wisdom of the city.

This story would then be passed to the next city, where the process would begin anew. Each city would take the story from the preceding city and add a new layer of complexity, as each of its 1600 storytellers applied their creative spins. The tale would morph and evolve, with each city adding its own essence.

By the time the story reached the 48th and final city, it had been transformed into a grand epic, teeming with depth, intricacy, and a multitude of perspectives. Each city, each storyteller, had contributed their unique interpretations to the tale, ultimately creating a story that was a testament to the collective creativity and wisdom of the entire Transformer Kingdom.

However, the true magic of the Transformer Kingdom lay not in the grand stories it produced, but in its capacity to learn. Over time, each storyteller honed their storytelling skills, gradually learning how to create more engaging and impactful narratives. And thus, the tales grew ever more fascinating, as the Transformer Kingdom continued to learn and evolve.

In this way, the network of cities operated: not as separate entities, but as interconnected hubs in a kingdom of transformation, where each token-message became a grand, intricate story—a testament to the collective wisdom of all the storytellers[1] in the kingdom."


  1. ^

    The kingdom has 76,800 unique storytellers. All have their own personalities -depending on how they were trained.

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