We Witness Now The Fury Of The State

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What is it that Trump has done, in the language of the State?

Trump has issued orders to a violent mob to disrupt and occupy a major nerve center of the State.

Trump has declared through action that he is a State unto himself: a giver of orders to a military force.

Do they go where he tells them to go? Are they after the people he tells them to be after? Yes, and yes: it doesn’t matter what you call them, they are an acting military regardless of what they wear.

To be clear this is an active Insurrectionist Force, dispersed into the population. What we have in this nation right now is a civil war. There were active forces on the map of US territory, active forces belonging to a foreign State.

This Civil War began on January 6th. And it ends only when Trump himself is rendered inert by the prosecution of that War, which shall hopefully occur without further bloodshed.

The State will not disregard the existence of another, foreign State within its borders. They fight to the death, and they fight immediately.

Some version of this understanding is pounding through the halls of our nation. It’s taking some time to process. But not that much time. It is in this reaction time that you can if you are capable catch a glimpse of the State at its most dramatically powerful.

Within three days, the State has ripped the entire communication network of the foreign state to shreds. No space for the foreign head of state on Twitter, and Insurrectionist Forces shall have Parler taken away.

(If you think it matters that corporations are acting, remember: corporations receive their power, their charter, their founding documents from the State and are properly regarded as an extension of it.)

No consideration is given for freedom of speech because these people have identified themselves as enemies of the State and we are at war.

If you think this is alarmist (I am sounding an alarm) instead of a plain description of events, try and tell this story some other way and see how far you get. If you think that bloodthirsty mob would not have killed congresspeople you are frighteningly naive.

If you admit the existence of the bloodthirsty mob, if you understand that Trump animated that mob directly and in person, you must accept this: we are at war.

How did we get here? Well, a whole bunch of people failed to appreciate the alarms of those who said that Trump had gathered a fascistic cult unto himself. A famous rationalist, can’t recall the name but he was a bit of a coward, even wrote an article about how such people were ‘calling wolf.’ I wonder if he ever understood his mistake.

But this is one of the things you can do with a fascistic cult: you can go to war with it.

And one of the things you can do to end the possibility of bloodshed is, in all seriousness, to write your representatives in Congress (both House and Senate) to demand the immediate impeachment and removal of the Traitor President, who has set himself against our State and this American project.

Because you are part of the State, in America. Make it one you are proud to help create. Letters work. They work the same way as votes: volume counts, so convince your friends and family to write too.


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try and tell this story some other way and see how far you get

Challenge accepted. I will post my reply tomorrow morning.

On January 6th, I (like everybody else) heard about the angry mob breaking in to the Capitol and roughing the place up, and I was angry about the whole deal. A dangerous man, faced with the prospect of losing his power, was seen to lash out using the people he had so thoroughly deceived for so long as a weapon against his colleagues who were, at that moment, meeting to ceremonially confirm the turning of the governmental wheels and the end of his term in office. Two days later, I saw this post and some anger rose up all over again for those events.

"We Witness Now..." is, indeed, alarmist. As Impassionata wrote, "I am sounding an alarm"! But they also wrote, "try and tell this story some other way", and for some reason that stuck with me. There is another way to tell this story; probably many other ways. To be clear, I don't think Impassionata is wrong, exactly. The response we've seen from members of the state in the last couple of days since the event has varied between silence and indifference and outrage. A hunt has been called to find anybody who was involved and punish them for their crimes. And they are criminals! These people are unquestionably guilty of a variety of crimes like B&E, entering a restricted area, vandalism, and probably many other words that all mean that they broke into a place and did a little damage. A small number of people got killed and a slightly larger number got hurt, and each and every individual who participated in that mob bears a portion of the responsibility. If there are no consequences, we will see more of this type of behavior in the future.

I thought these things for two days.

Then I remembered something important: the people Trump used as weapons (and, indeed, Trump himself) are still people. They are the same as us in so many ways that, if we had experienced their lives we would be them. There must be consequences, yes, and those consequences must be balanced to respect the lives of those who, in a fit of delusion and anger-barely-concealing-fear, acted to defend themselves from an imaginary threat.

Here is another way to tell the story.

Yesterday, I almost joined the crowd in down-voting this post. Today, I up-vote in gratitude for the value I found. Thank you, Impassionata, for helping me think these thoughts.