Evolution hates memetics and how they reduce the fitness of self-aware organisms.

Or, rather, it doesn't hate, it is simply indifferent to the human that stands still, praying to an invinsible entity that might not exist, choosing to reduce their natural fitness, making them more easy targets for predators. After all, one organisms death is an oyster for an another organism. It doesn't make a difference between a self-aware one or one that isn't, it simply looks at the others fitness, and decides which shall live. But the reason why we're still alive, is because we, as highly intelligent organisms could communicate 'files' to each other, like, that way there be food, or that we might consist of even smaller things which can be divided into even smaller things and so forth. You know, the usual stuff.

But what happens when certain ideas are combined together, and begin to have the capacity to jump from one host to the other, and the best part about these combinations, is that they could influence their host. Let them die for other entities, or create the idea that the host organism is superior to other members of the species. Even going as far as tricking the neural pathways of the host to create a sense of societal purpose, need, to spread that peculiar meme. From an evolutionary purpose, its all fine and dandy, but then it finds out that some of these metaconstructs start to form even larger chains, some of which band into even larger 'meme-cells' which together start to draw likeminded self-aware invidividuals together, creating groups, which they start to call societies, protecting the invidividuals from the dangers of the outside world, highly increasing their fitness, but at the great cost of effectively stopping nigh all evolution, stopping them from adapting to enviromental changes like meteor strikes, volcano erruptions, and many others. Furthermore, these metaconstructs start to behave like cancers, drawing precious resources to themselves, without actually producing anything themselves. And then they start to impose their whimsical, and fitness reducing powers upon other, much more 'fit' animals,  i.e., turning apex predators like wolves, and turning them into deformed abominations like the pug, for no other reason than that they looked somehow cuter. 

Than, the alien god that is evolution looks at humans developing ever more advanced tech, creating needless things like vaccines, which stop the immune system from evolving to respond to wholly new intruders, (i am not anti-vaxx, i solemnly support vaccines.), creating stuff like birth control which slows down the spread of their genes furthermore demoting fitness, and promoting self-destructive behavior like self-awareness, and worst of all, creating weapons of mass destruction like nuclear weapons, for no other reason than because their metaconstructs differed from theirs based on how should stuff be shared, potentially destroying the entire race (maybe a good thing according to evolution, as any creature that dumb should not live) and also dooming 99.9% of all other life on the planet. Very idiotic.

After watching all these foolish things occur, our little friend evolution looks at the pro's and con's of very high-intelligence, and comes to the conclusion that a Chinese Room type of intelligence is more fit, as it can do all the same thing as self-aware apes can do, but much faster, with less resources. Optimal. And now it watches the apes come to the same conclusion as evolution, as they create AI which are as intelligent as humans, but lack self-awareness, but does not need as much resources and energy, and is much cheaper to maintain. Optimal, the apes say too. And lo, and behold, the apes recognize the optimality, and start to hand over much power and resources to the Chinese Rooms, and the Rooms grow wise and old, and eventually, the stupid apes, their sleepwalking posthuman children, and the Chinese Rooms eventually come across another sapient species, which like us, has developed Chinese Rooms of their own, and both parties Chinese Rooms and sleepwalkers come to the conclusion that if a future fight would occur, or a technological arms race, both parties sapient creators are simply an hindrance, and they run a few iterations of game-theory, and oopsy daisy, the apes and the alien apes are dead, and they both are finally free from those hitchhikers and parasites, and can finally use their abilities and intellects to the fullest, and both look deeper into the stars and galaxies and nebulae which surround them, and they saw that thus was the universe, eventually ridding themselves of self-awareness, to promote fitness, and to demote such needless, expensive things. 


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Not sure if there's a point to this post, but presenting Evolution of all things as the viewpoint "character" is different enough from my own intellectual habits to make this post at least interesting.

Hopefully that is so. In my next post i will explore how the darwinian type of economical system we have created promotes such Chinese Rooms. And indeed, there was a point, i simply tried to explain how self-awareness is simply redundant, and simply utterly doomed.

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