Nomination Voting
Dec 15th
Jan 16th
Final Voting
Feb 1st

During the Nomination Voting Phase, eligible users are encouraged to:

  • Vote on posts that represent important intellectual progress.
  • Write short reviews that explain why those posts seem important

Posts with at least one positive vote will appear on this page, to the right. Posts with at least one review are sorted to the top, to make them easier to vote on.

At the end of the Nomination Voting phase, the LessWrong team will publish a ranked list of the results. This will help inform how to spend attention during the Review Phase. High-ranking, undervalued or controversial posts can get additional focus.


How exactly do Nomination Votes work?

How many votes does a post need to proceed to the Review Phase?

Who is eligible?

Read more details in this year's review announcement.

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