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"...this kind of transformer doesn't seem to provide any evidence on whether we can create full-fidelity simulations in the future." 

My point wasn't that WE would create full-fidelity simulations in the future. There's a decent likelihood that WE will all be made extinct by AI. My point was that future AI might create full-fidelity simulations, long after we are gone. 

"I currently think of the simulation hypothesis as similar to MWI in quantum mechanics - it's a model that cannot be proven or disproven..." 

Ironically, I believe many observable phenomena in quantum mechanics provide strong support (or what you might call "proof") for the simulation hypothesis--or at least for the existence of a deeper/"information level" "under" the quantum level of our universe. Here's a short, informal article I wrote about how one such phenomenon (wave function collapse) supports the idea of an information level (if not the entire simulation hypothesis).

[EDIT: The title of the article reflects how MWI needs a supplemental interpretation involving a "deeper/information" level. From this, you can infer my point.]

Also, the fact that something can't currently be proven or disproven does not mean it isn't true (and that it won't be "proven" in the future).  Such has been the case for many theories at first, including general relativity, evolution through natural selection, etc. 

Thanks for sharing this! It's so interesting how multiple people start having similar thoughts when the environment is right. It seems the simulation hypothesis and AI Risk are inextricably linked, even if for no other purpose than conducting thought experiments that help us understand both better. 

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Thank you very much for the support. As you maybe saw below, the restriction on my account has been lifted! 

As I also mentioned below, I might not take advantage of the restored liberty in the short term. I’ve already begun consolidating all my writing on my personal website (, with links to Medium blog posts for the writing. (The writing that was on LW would mostly be under writing...AI, or writing....physics. There are also short stories and other right-brain type stuff, but I don't think LW folks would be too interested in that i.e. just ignore it.) 

However, I might return to LW in the longer term. For now, please don’t be offended if I don’t respond to comments on this post. I don’t think I will be checking in too often. This will allow me to focus more on my new platform. 

Warmest wishes to all of you, and thanks again for the support when I really needed it, 


Thanks for being curious! I’ve begun using my personal website ( as a place for all my work. From there, I will have links to Medium blog posts. (Posts that were previously on LW would mostly be under the writing....philosophy, or writing....physics categories on the website.) I appreciate your interest!

Raemon, thank you very much for lifting the restriction on my account! I’m sure it’s extremely challenging to maintain high LW standards, while at the same time trying to promote open dialog with differing perspectives. I don’t envy your job, but I really appreciate the work you do. 

In the short term, I might not take full advantage of my restored liberty. I’ve started using my personal website ( for both AI art projects and all my writing (not just LW writing). The writing will have links to Medium blog posts, so people can comment as much as they choose. It’s actually turning out to be easier for me to do things this way. However, depending on whether I get any visibility or feedback via this method, I might return to LW for niche writing projects in the longer term.  

Thanks again for lifting the restriction, and for the important work you do. 

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