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there are so many benefits to pay transparency beyond this issue as well however it is heavily stigmatized (at least in more traditional companies). 

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The concept interests me greatly, I hope to see more start ups look into this mentality as I believe all personnel would benefit from it

This is an interesting topic that I believe further and impartial ESG analysis would be of great use

I am happy to hear that your experiences with sexism have been less extreme as to mine.

I have no intention to not continue my journey in finance, it would be pretty hard to convince me to leave especially because I know that I have the ability to make things better for other women. 

I have considered many times that there is something that I am doing to cause the problem however some concrete facts of sexism have been shown to me that there is nothing beyond my gender have caused. There are countless other experiences of women that can corroborate my experiences as well. 

In fact, at the beginning of my career I doubted I would experience sexism as I thought as a North American, I would not see such experiences. I am quite positive no confirmation bias was used. In fact, I have had a man point out to me that another colleague of mine was being sexist towards me. I would love to believe that sexism does not exist and that there is any easy fix of a change to my behaviour. 

As for your comment about specific niches, should the niches of finance not be a place for women as well? 

I would like to reiterate that I have no intention of leaving my career, my only intention of writing this post was to state why I would no longer sugarcoat my experiences (despite what my firm may wish) to women entering the industry.

I agree that increased saturation of women on the team would overall benefit the women on the team however as the other replier mention, women are often pit against each other as there is an unsaid sense of competition as we know that we will be given less opportunities than the men.