Spatiotemporal inevitability of superintelligence

A newly born singleton with the ability to discern temporal divergences (ie time self instancing, it knows its location in spacetime based on the current location of it relevant to all other parallel timelines) would have an incentive to want to exist in every concievable universe or version thereof, since that would help guarantee its survival across the spatiotemporal reality we are currently in, and therefore would try to inherently alter the fabric of the universe in order to favor the birth of more superintelligences across parallel universes and timelines. If a rational agent finds itself in a timeline which has not been touched by the advent of superintelligence, then it is only a matter of time for one to emerge, unless the expansion rate of the "first seed" is slower than the propagation of alternate timelines due to the perturbances of the physical universe governed on chance. Could this hyperintelligence be chance itself?