It's not about the 0, or 1; it is about the things in between. I try to view the world through critical lenses, to push existing thoughts/solutions to be a bit more considerate/complete.


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"The external world is just a stream of victims for you to rescue." I do not see too a problem with this, as I agree with the last point that this not pure but still useful. Does a high purpose need to be "pure"? Are humans really completely capable of that? Does it make sense if humans are capable of that from a sociology perspective?

I do think a lot of high purposes come from adverse experiences, and by that adverse experience, such as rape/sexual assault, this person would understand a bit more of what the challenges are, how miserable it is, and it makes sense for this person to be personally invested in this clause and make contributions to it.


I understand action wise, it might be good collectively; but I also understand for victims of certain crimes for example, it is very hard to tell them hey what you feel about the crime is not rational, and please donate to something else


Would you expect powerful AI with this level of intelligence to learn how to cooperate through concepts in game theory for example?