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It's not so easy, but this is the perspective of Luna. I for once really enjoy how the information (especially dialogiue) is dumbed down to what she perceives.

However they ambushed Harry is not relevant to what she thinks.

How is is the Center for Disease Proliferation doing?
Did the CDP have anything to do with COVID-19?
Building solar power plants is cheaper than building coal power plants.

It seems like Moses gave an inappropriately high value to believing in the truth.

If God is talking to him and making him do something supremely good, then even if in expectation by following the voice he proportionately lets thousands of sick people live in a delusion, it's still worth it.

He means that in the counterfactual world where he didn't find this book, he became normal. In that case, he would have wished that his parents had not let him read this book (which is precisely what would have indeed happened).

That's interesting... Did you actually count sheep and rocks when writing this article? Did the character you give voice to count sheep and rocks?

Usually, when I make this kind of arguments, what I really say is "If I counted 2 sheep and 3 sheep, I would find 5 sheep" which means that it actually is what I expect, but that's not evidence if my cognition process is put into question.

Yet, I don't think it is necessary to actually count sheep and rocks when making this argument... But if I was discussing with someone who thought that 2 + 3 = 6 (or someone who thinks that either answer is meaningless), then it would be necessary to make the experiment, because we would expect different results.

I think you mean lightspeed travel ?

That doesn't rule out infinite computation, though, since in an infinite universe we have a perpetually increasing amount of resources (as we explore further and further at lightspeed).

I think it's noteworthy that absolute laws are more easily respected when what you actually want are laws with exceptions.

The correct law may be "don't kill unless it's right" but just saying "don't kill" will actually make people think about it twice before killing.

This reminds me a lot of existentialcomics.

Funnily enough, it seems the less meta your beliefs, the less distortedly you can transmit them into the chronophone.
If you believe in God not because society said so, or because you were taught it as an infant, or because it's proper, if you truly believe it for itself as an uncaused truth (not because it's your most fundamental belief), then it might just come out exactly the same.

Ask deluded patients in psychiatric hospitals to talk into the chronophone and Archimedes might learn about Jesus and Napoleon.

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