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If anyone is interested, I'm working on conducting small-scale, informal random and controlled trials for various nootropics that improve neuroplasticity and IQ, from dihexa to anthocyanin. The medicine I want to test has documented effects, but I want to gather more data on what mental subskills they improve performance on the most and how strong the effect is.

In order to aid recruitment, every participant will get to take the intervention, just in a staggered order.

I have several people who've agreed to participate. However, I've paused the initiative to focus on other projects. Let me know if you want to take over as lead researcher! The mesh will thank you.

         group 1     group 2     group 3  
phase 1:active       control     control
phase 2:control      control     active
phase 3:control      active      active

Operations research (such as queuing theory) can be viewed as a branch of complex systems theory that has a track record of paying rent by yielding practical results in supply chain and military logistics management