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Here are my five minutes: nanomachines need to carry a charge to be accelerable, right? Well, it works the other way too - they will decelerate on their own in destination's Van Allen belts.

That's why I'm asking how much. How much money do you want? As in, total.

The reason is that the pay-per-download model is detrimental for LessWrong's goals. As DSimon said, we want as many people as possible to be exposed to LW ideas. People who haven't heard of LW, people who would never themselves pay for such content. But I want your podcasts be played on the radio.

Instead I propose the Kickstarter model - you name your price, the LW crowd raises the money, you then have no problem giving copies away for free because you've already been paid.

How much for releasing an episode under CC-BY?

Wow, your answer exceeds all my expectations! Thank you.

I respectfully request an explanation of the merits of publishing like this when you have the entire fic written already.

Harry Potter is about the wizarding world. Avatar is about a world war. MLP is about people.

Mind blown, then blown again.

After two years of bronydom, I dreamed of ponies for the first time after reading this fic. So that's a 10 out of 10. I'm reminded of Eliezer's warning about imagining worlds so much better than reality that the act sucks out your soul.

In case you're interested in suggestions for improvement:

  • Make this fic more accessible to others, not just super smart LW bronies - the text has words that could be replaced with more common synonyms, for example.
  • Make it less silly. Computers in Earth's mantle and indestructible experience centers while possible are so impractical it's ridiculous. This isn't Star Wars!
  • What about all the people who care about reality? The story conspicuously completely ignores them. I imagine they would petition Celestia to make physical pony bodies for them so they could continue their work on or study of the physical Universe. And almost everypony would object to the destruction of life on Earth.
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