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The Peerless

I don't know that we currently have the technology to simulate researchers, let alone simulate them really fast. The point of my plan is to first let AGI overtake the universe, and then let it simulate those researchers as fast as it can implement.

In addition, getting to boot an AGI can give us advantages such as being able to extract the researchers from a simulation of earth (thanks to having an immense amount of compute available), or some other bootstrap scenarios I've thought of such as locating earth within the universal distribution, getting in touch with me-in-this-simulation, giving me acces to huge amounts of (dumb) compute I might need to figure out brain extraction, and then extract brains.

The point of this is not to get 100× as much time by running researchers at 100× speed, it's getting a bazillion× as much time by running the researchers after superintelligence takes over, without any time constraints, without any (or with very little) compute constraints (and thus potentially having access to oracles), without competing with anything, and with the certainty that the superintelligence will implement whatever we do decide on.