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Thanks so much for this post; I found it very interesting. I'm wondering how you think GPT-4 and other foundation-models-type AIs will change the game.

Thanks for such a thorough post. I'm basically trying to figure out if all this evidence holds when you have received a booster and what is the evidence for that. One question: for all the studies that you shared showing long covid negative impacts, what is the percentage of those studies that focus on getting COVID-19 (a) without vaccines (b) with "initial" vaccines (c) with a booster? Eg maybe 20% of the studies are about assessing the impact of COVID when you haven't received any vaccines, while 30% is about assessing the impact of COVID when you got the "initial" vaccines, and 50% all combined or something like that. I'd be curious about your rough assessment given that I'm sure this may take too long to do very much in detail.

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The Chinese translation of Human Compatible just came out last month, published by CITIC! The first chapter is here.

Let me know if you would like more information - I'm working at the Center for Human-Compatible AI on this.