Covid 9/3: Meet the New CDC

Housing prices are only partially controlled by supply and demand for HOUSING. They have been financialized into speculative assets to a ridiculous extreme that is highly destructive to their primary function. The price is driven up by investors which have access to huge amounts of freshly created money loaned into existence, such that as long as there is the expectation that the price can go up, speculative demand is almost literally infinite and prices are driven above the ability of those who need housing and lack access to that sort of financing to pay. The situation is highly untenable in the long term.

Covid 9/3: Meet the New CDC

Currently living in the South, I can tell you that most states here are not actually responding to their situations and are ideologically incapable of doing so.

Open & Welcome Thread - August 2020

And now two more in Europe, both of which are reportedly mild and one reportedly in an older immunocompromised patient.

This will happen. Remains to be seen if these are weird outliers only visible because people are casting a wide net and looking for the weirdos, or if it will be the rule.

However, the initial surge through a naive population will always be much worse than the situation once most of the population has at least some immune memory.

Money creation and debt

Correct. Keep in mind that private banks ALSO create money whenever they lend money out too. Then the asset and the liability are both contained within the private sector.

In the absence of sufficient federal deficits that make their way spent into general circulation, the private sector is obliged to become perpetually more indebted to the banking subsector. Welcome to the last forty years.

What's the evidence on falling testosteron and sperm counts in men?

You will run across many orders of magnitude more plastic lechate, pesticide, and herbicide than you will of pharmaceutical estrogens unless you are taking them. They don't even double the quantity excreted by women taking them as contraceptives, so the main exposure route is barely affected.

What's the evidence on falling testosteron and sperm counts in men?

I STRONGLY suspect it has a lot to do with xenoestrogen and endocrine disruption effects from plastic and rampant pesticide/herbicide use.

What is filling the hole left by religion?

So-called 'civil religions'. They are manifold and varied and spring up repeatedly across history. Now is no different.

Old-school 19th century nationalism flared as the Christian religion began really losing its grip. Modern political mythologies hinging on national/ethnic/party purity or personality cults or idealizing moral progress have similar roots today.

Marxism was blatantly postmillennial Christian eschatology with the nouns swapped out, and a grand purpose presented for the faithful. Ayn-Randian fantasy is the satanist-equivalent inversion of this religion, uncritically accepting its flawed framework of the way the world works while inverting the value judgements in a way that very much does not lead to anything more functional.

Singulatarianism is similarly a blatant rehash of Christian eschatology, doctrines of redemption form original sin, and afterlife mythology, with different currents within it with isomorphisms to different schools of thought within Christianity. It is of course a far more niche interest than any of the aforementioned civil religions. Softer versions of talking about the Grand Destiny of Humanity Among the Stars are also related and more common.

Eventually all civil religions fail as they are limited by the rigors of the physical world and fail to provide the transcendence contained within mundane history they implicitly promise in the absence of more explicitly theological religions, which have more long-term staying power.

New Paper on Herd Immunity Thresholds

There are neighborhoods in Indian cities that are already over 60%.

This doesn't empirically hold up.

What is the current state of knowledge around COVID-19 at-home remedies?

Unfortunately this is not a direction I have done a lot of looking, sorry.

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