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I agree, Jeff. I've updated the page accordingly.

Thank you for your identity confirmation investigations. How confident are you that individual donations of more than $2,499 will be matched during the event itself?

We got your application Donald and you're likely to hear from us soon. We'll be scheduling our final interviews over the coming days/week.

We're also currently accepting applicants for our AI Risk for Computer Scientists program. While both programs are co-run by MIRI and CFAR staff, and both focus on rationality plus AI safety content, there are some essential differences:
Length: MSFP runs for two weeks while AIRCS is five days long.
Frequency: MSFP occurs once a year, while AIRCS happens about once every two months.
Focus: While MSFP has a larger focus on math, AIRCS has a larger focus on computer science.
Participants: MSFP is more targeted toward people interested in Embedded Agency sub-problems