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What stocks are in your non-ESG portfolio?

They weren't evicted. They negotiated an early end to the lease so the landlord could make repairs.

This might take a few hours, but selecting a good book might save you significantly more time.

I created a 1dollarscan subscription for "100 sets" (each set is 100 pages, so I paid $99 for the ability to scan up to 100sets*100pages/set = 10,000 pages), but I'm not going to use all of the sets, so if you have dead tree books that you'd like to destroy/convert to PDFs, PM me. My subscription ends on July 15th, and you'd have to mail in the books so that they arrive before then.

Thank you so much!

I wanted to read this book a while ago, but couldn't find a copy of it online or at my library.

There doesn't exist a full English translation?

I think this post was well written and well researched and want to give you positive reinforcement for writing it!

One category of solutions to this problem is to lower your costs. Your main costs will probably be food and rent.

Some ideas on making food and rent cheaper:

Cheaper food.

  • Low carb Soylent.
  • //Why is food so expensive anyway?

Cheaper rent.

  • Convince likeminded people to move somewhere with cheap land (e.g.
  • Nice vans that are built for people to live in.
  • Dating site for roommates to share a house.

Potential Solution 2: Better beds and pillows.

Helix custom beds seem pretty good.

Pillows: However, there don't seem to be good solutions for custom pillows. I'm imagining something like those curved memory foam pillows (which I need to buy/try), where the dimensions/curves are customized to your head.

Waterbeds: I've not tried a waterbed, but it seems like they relieve pressure points better than conventional mattresses. I want a waterbed that's easier to set up, less likely to break, and less likely to be a catastrophic disaster if it does break.

I've bought a buckwheat pillow, and a Mediflow pillow, and am still searching for a better pillow.

Potential Solution 1: Fancy biochemistry and lab-tests.

I got excited when I first heard about a company called Gene Solve, that has the following pitch:

"By optimizing a patient's body chemistry - vitamins, enzymes, proteins, prehormones, and hormones - GeneSolve patients experience boosts in their energy levels and mental sharpness throughout the day, recover faster from injuries or job-related stress and lose fat through natural metabolic improvements.

GeneSolve achieves these benefits through extensive analysis of DNA, blood panels and family and medical history. The resulting data, when combined with GeneSolve's proprietary expert systems, allow GeneSolve's doctors to make extremely precise adjustments to each patient's unique body chemistry."

For some reason, the company got dissolved I think. But, I think that doing something like this could be very interesting.

I guess there's also WellnessFx. I just don't get the feeling that their service really knows what to do with the lab results once they get them.

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