Jacob, or "Jisk" when there are too many Jacobs about and I need a nickname. Host of the North Oakland LW Meetups, every Tuesday.

Honestly pretty disappointed with the state of the modern LW site, but it's marginally better than other non-blogs so I'm still here.

It should be possible to easily find me from the username I use here, though not vice versa, for interview reasons.

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Rescheduled - skipped it on the 9th for the eclipse, and couldn't do the original plan for the 23rd (park bocce, probably coming in a future month)


But you can't change it for anyone else's view, which is the important thing.


Isn't this post describing the replication attempt?


You should try doing the next version as an adversarial collaboration.



"Steam" is one possible opposite of Slack. I sketch a speculative view of steam as a third 'cognitive currency' almost like probability and utility.

Are 'probability' and 'utility' meant to be the other two cognitive currencies? Or is it 'Slack', and if so which is the third?


This was fairly untested but went very well!

I'll do a better writeup as a Meetup In a Box later, but this is how it went:

For each set, 10m writing things down, then ?20m? discussing, then next set

List a few things that went very well this year. (3-5)

List a few things that went very badly this year. (3-5)

If you were to 80/20 your last year, which 20% gave the 80% you valued most?

If someone looked at your actions for the last year, what would they think your priorities were?

What did you intend your priorities to be?

Do you want to make any of the revealed priorities official intentions for next year? Do you want to drop any of the intended priorities which you ended up not following up on?

What habits did you pick up? What goals (revealed or intentional) did those habits serve?

What habits got in the way? What did you fail to get due to them?

What's the most important unfulfilled goal for the last year? How can you change for the next try?

What did you learn last year?

What lessons do you hope to learn this year?

What things are you curious about, that you expect to learn more about this year?

  • this one might be worth writing down and storing for next year

We ended up combining sets 3 and 4 because 3 sets is the right amount. I had a whiteboard and wrote short versions of the questions on the whiteboard as a reminder everyone could look at, and later on emailed everyone the questions so they could refer to the list. Doing at least one of those things is probably important.


Is there a graph of solar efficiency (fraction of energy kept in light -> electricity conversion) for solar tech that's deployed at scale? exists for research models but I'm unsure of any for industrial-scale.


Rescheduled to the end of the month because I am sick again. Guess maybe I should have worn a mask to the airport in travel season.

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