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To the extent that simple agreement is an interesting addition (and it usually is not), I think it might be interesting to note that I am an autogynephilic male, as you are, and most of this is essentially congruent with my own internal experiences of the desire, save for the fact that my autogynephilia seems to be much less... extreme than your own?

E.g., you mention the "beautiful pure sacred self identity thing" rather frequently, and I'm not sure I have that mostly at all, at least right now. Rather, I should say I can recall times in my life (particularly freshman year of college, where I was, in two successive jazz dance classes, the only male among the class and I suspect the whole "desire to do well in class/be someone who does well in class" thing picked up both the fact that the only examples of good dancers around me were female and my autogynephilia and kind of ran away with them) where my own version of the beautiful pure sacred self identity thing was much more prominent or a much larger part of my daily mental life.

There's obviously much more I could say about the matter, and I might edit this comment or post a reply to say parts of that much more if other people are sufficiently interested in the prospect my doing so, but I've not the time right now.

Is Models similar or adjacent idea-wise to this article?

This page has, among other things, a username and password for ProQuest that anyone can use.