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Cool. When the a regular meetup is included in the list I make it a link to an entry on the wiki meetup page (e.g. I don't see one for Cologne, can you or someone else in the group create an entry?

Hi Eneasz, I'm not sure what controls the front page map. My guess would have been that posting the meetup to the regular meetup system would be enough, perhaps there's a delay.

Please include the location of the meetup in the meetup titles, which lets people more readily determine if the meeting is relevant to them. Thanks!

Thanks for the heads up!

Please include the meetup location (Utrecht) in the meetup names, ideally at the beginning. Otherwise people have to click through in order to determine if the meetup is relevant to them. Thanks!

The most up-to-date times will be on the meetup posts themselves (sometimes the times are changed after these summaries are posted).

The best way to announce it is to click the "Add new meetup" button, right under "Create new article". Every Friday morning (around 9 AM PST) I scan the list of upcoming meetups and add them to the weekly summary.

Great to hear, and thanks for the heads up! I've moved London to the list of regular meetups.

I haven't tried a virtual LW meetup, or heard of one, but it seems worth trying if it fits your situation.

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